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Delores: Czech translation

Here’s my take on the Czech translation.

I started with automated translation of all existing versions (en, it, pt) to get some starting point and then I rewrote most of it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some lines are still temporary and need revision but I think they all resemble Czech already. I also noticed that some sentences are too long so it needs to be addressed too.

All names of items are (should be) in accusative case except the ones that seems to to related to “Photo of” that are hopefully in genitive - but I am sure I mixed up some of them because sometime it’s hard to discern that in Translations_xx. I hope I will fix it during testing.

I don’t plan translating backgrounds because it does not feel right to me - TWP takes place in USA, so I expect to see English street signs etc. but guess I should translate the start screen with instructions.


Some things were already translated in Italian so we left them, probably because they were hints to the player in TWP (like the “redeem bottles, 5 cents” in the Quickie Pal).

I opted to translate only one thing, the “coming soon” banner in the PillowBear store. Because it has a mouseover text which gets translated, and I don’t like the idea of a player having a text on screen that says one thing and the image that says another thing.


I guess I’ve got a question for @RonGilbert:

What is the current status of localization of Delores on GitHub? The StartScreen.png includes four language versions but I still see the English version of SS in the game. Is that expected behaviour? (using latest Win10 exe)

I’ll have to look at that.

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Could you guys please check the Czech version too? =)
I still get the English StartScreen when I set language in Options to “Česky”. Deutch and Italiano seems to work fine.

I even set the language to Italiano and edited StartScreen.json to send it to Czech texture and it worked (i.e. the SS was Czech and the rest Italian) so it seems the texture and .json are ok.

Is it my local problem or does it happen on other computers too?

What I have to do to Czech the check language?

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I don’t answer to that =) but to check the Czech version just set language to “Česky” in Options and restart the game.

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I mean… check!

I see the same here. Works for Italian and German, not for any of the other languages.

Still playing around with Sublime Merge, and trying to understand if/how/when those branches are merged and what version I actually am running on. (Yay, I pulled the repo again and stashed my own changes- whatever that means)

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You have a stash that you can pop. It’s very useful for checking different branches. :wink:

This is something I already noticed some time ago. The art seemed to work only for those languages that already existed in Thimbleweed Park.

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Interesting… that might be the root of the issue, but I didn’t think any of that was used anymore.

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