Two-Brain Mode is required for the game

People are using their WIVES to solve puzzles. We need a very hard Moon Logic mode to stop this madness and equalise the difficulty among strategies (single brain vs double brain). This sort of video game doping violation can be solved by creating a Two-Brain/MoonLogic mode for the game, where you’re encouraged to ask your wife or husband for help or even tag-team with another player of the game over the internet, keeping correspondence.

Remember, using two brains gives you a SERIOUS additional boost!!

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I don’t care. It’s an adventure game and it is a heck of a lot more fun to play it with someone – even more if that someone is your significant other. :slight_smile:

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Create the first “Family Mode” which is ironically the hardest mode in the game. Revolutionise gaming difficulty settings.


Don’t forget the children.

Loved that I played the game with my son - twice the fun.

Probably it’s just me, but I would never play TWP with someone else… after I’ve waited 26 years for a game with good puzzles, I am not going to risk someone else to solve the puzzle before me and therefore spoil it :slight_smile:

when TWP came out, I was like “cancel all appointments. Beloved wife and daughter: please forget I exist for 2 days”


Probably just you. I played the game with my wife (the first time she actively joins me to play an adventure game), and we had a lot of fun. Personally, I find playing a game with someone else more enjoyable than alone, like watching a movie, because you can share in the experience with another. :slight_smile:


Two brains makes the game easier but a comedic game like TWP is really more fun to play with others.

So is “neighbors” with Seth Rogen. :slight_smile: There are lots of good comedy movies to watch with my friends. There is only one game every 26 years with good puzzles :slight_smile:

I consider playing an adventure game with someone else kinda cheating and the same as using a walkthrough – some of the puzzles are being solved for you.

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I agree. I hate being told the answer to puzzles, quiz questions, etc as it feels like I’ve failed. I would have to void my completion of the game if someone had helped me and I’d find that very frustrating.

There’s probably something deeper in that. A psychoanalyst would have a field day with us lot :wink:

I do like solving things together where you can each do little parts of it - like an escape room I went to with my work team recently. But video games (particularly adventure ones) are something I like to do for my own self-achievement. It probably comes from being an only child!


If I like an adventure game to the point that it motivates me to accept the challenge without using external help, then it’s me and the game.

Also, the presence of other players would ruin the experience for me, because the way I play adventure games is quite different from how other people play them. For example, most people want just to move on, while I don’t necessarily need to progress to enjoy the game.


There are games I enjoy playing with friends such as multiplayer games.

(slowly smiles)

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Also, I think it’s because the puzzles are kind of “once in a lifetime” things where if someone spoils/solves it for you, that’s it, you can’t go back ever and un-know them, that’s also why I try to never use walkthroughs unless I’m totally stuck for ages. Though sometimes I do go back to a game after a number of years and I have forgotten some of the puzzles, but it’s kind of random which ones.
I think if I was going to play with someone else I’d finish the whole thing myself once first, then go back and do a second playthrough with someone else.

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You just have to make them sign a contract so they are only allowed to watch and laugh :slight_smile:

In my experience I often won’t remember those solutions I’ve looked up or those I stumbled upon by accident.

That’s very true. I HATE any degree of spoiler for a TV series or film I’m waiting to watch. So I guess this works in a similar way.

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Does that mean Zaphod Beeblebrox can play the game alone?


Still need the two-brain aka multiplayer adventure experience where you hook up with your wife (lol… hook up with your wife…) or cooperate with others over the internet. OK maybe not for this game but for future games. Allez!