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TWP & Monkey Island

Hello so I recently discovered TWP and I liked it a lot. Now I have a question for people who have played both TWP and Monkey Island. Do you think I would enjoy playing Monkey Island if I liked TWP? Or is there another game that is more like TWP?

Sure, especially MI1 and Mi2 are basically from the very same creators as TWP (which doesn’t mean you have to stop after the second one :slightly_smiling_face:).

TWP was born because of those past games and has gameplay an UI similar to Monkey Island, graphics are pimped up Maniac Mansion-style and controlling multiple characters is also from there (you won’t have that in MI), plus influences from a lot of other old games like Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders.

Btw. the bobble head characters are because of Maniac Mansion too:

Regarding Monkey Island 1 and 2:
Thanks to the Special Editions those two games are readily available again in a lot of stores (GOG, Steam and others). They are remastered versions with new graphics and voice overs (MI1 didn’t have voices 30 years ago…). But they also allow switching between old graphics+UI and new one which is a very neat feature.

There is one caveat with MI1:SE though: This one doesn’t allow playing with old graphics + voices enabled at the same time, at least not out of the box.
But if you especially like the old-school interface and graphics and still want voices you can modify the game by yourself (here is a quick overview on how to do it, just ask if there are any questions).


Agree with everything Nor said ^^ and I’d also add:

Probably the closest games to TWP are Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2, as well as Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and Sam and Max Hit the Road.

(as far as similar humour, not-being-able-to-die, no dead-ends or unwinnable states, great puzzles, fun stories, pixel art styles, etc.)


You can die in Fate of Atlantis on several occasions, though.


True… maybe like 98% death-free then?


And in Monkey Island I too. :wink: But they are obvious and/or not “dangerous”.

@Lmpswe: If you liked the story of TWP then you might be interested in playing Beneath a Steel Sky. It has a slightly different (point-and-click)-interface compared to TWP. But since it’s free to to play now, I would give him a try. :slight_smile:


Yes- even if you didn’t like TWP.

It depends on what you liked about TWP.
The multiple characters? In that case, play Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken & the Alien Mindbenders, Day of the Tentacle
The unexpected ending? In that case, play Monkey Island 2 (after Monkey island 1 - obviously)
The daughter-ghost father relation? Then you should play the Blackwell series.
The seemingly random jokes and chainsaws? Again: Maniac Mansion.
The creepy atmosphere and dead bodies? Darkside Detective and Gabriel Knight. The Dig.
The background art? Loom (EGA) (and Monkey Island of course)
The humour and puzzles? All 15 Lucasfilm Games/Lucasarts point&click adventure games.
The unique combination of it all? Delores (it’s free!)


Also “Flight of the Amazon Queen” was inspired by Monkey Island and is a good game (the start is a bit rough, but it gets better and better).


And free to play! :smiley:


Huh, I thought it was more of an Indiana Jones kinda thing.


Yeah, the type of adventure/setting is definitely Indiana Jones inspired… sounds like Monkey Island was the inspiration to make an adventure game in general from what he says here -

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