Escape game with a MI, TWP (or even Sierra!) topic?

Hello Guys

Has any one of you found somewhere in the world an escape game which would be MI or TWP (or even Sierra-based) escape game ?
Like, a life-size point and click adventure !!

Let me know!

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I’m not aware of any, but I would love to see an escape room like that!

I don’t know such a game either. But can’t you set up/build one for yourself? :slight_smile:

There are several room escape scenes throughout the Monkey Island series.
Also escaping from certain island is a recurring topic. One game even has it in its title.
So just play the genuine Monkey Island games, and you’re fine.

Sounds dangerous. :stuck_out_tongue:


You get a walkthrough at the entrance. For a fee of 50 Dollars …

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Good. They don´t call me Milan Gefahrenholz for nothing!