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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention

I’ve 48 years, and I’ve played almost all LucasArts games from the very beginning. In January 2017 I quit my creative director job to enter the Indie arena. I’m currently working on an adventure game called “Nine Witches: Family Disruption” that worth a look :sunglasses:

The press release was launched yesterday. The game will be available in 2Q, 2020 for XBox, Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Here is one of the many articles about it:

If you are interested you can follow the game progress in twitter: @NineWitchesGame



Instant follow! The pixel art really looks great!


Thanks! Merits for the background artist!

Won’t you get troubles in Germany because of the Nazi symbols? :thinking: Germany is more liberal regarding such symbols in games nowadays, but I don’t know how they treat your special case…

As far as I know, rules changed last year. Here is an article about it:

So, I think it will be fine.


I’ve backed this, but I’m afraid he will not make it…

too bad because Pontus Wittenmark seems to know what he’s doing, judging by the interview…

Anyway, 56 hours are still left…

Which interview?

in the adventure games podcast… there is an episode about him:


Hey guys, have you noticed Ron Gilbert’s sign of life on that Kickstarter page? :slight_smile:


I know he backed the game, but I didn’t know he wrote on kickstarter.

Do you just mean the backed by Ron Gilbert & David Fox or something more? :slight_smile:

Typically the first and last days are the strongest. With 48 hours remaining people receive the notifications and unless it’s looks really unlikely that the campaign will make it often people will back it.
And it looks good now!

Also I have raised my pledge from my initial one when I have discovered the project. It seems like I have forgotten to post it here back then.


It looks like it’s making it now! It needs 1400 euro with 12 hours left…

It’s really close now, 200 EUR missing. Kicktraq

Yes, I’m watching as well… it’s about to make it :blush:

Edit: they did it :grin:

I am happy they made it, but I did not back the game as the tiers were a bit too expensive. Will probably buy it 15 years after it gets released or so. (After tens similar cartoony P&C games like that one with a machine -forgot the title :grin:- , Truberbrook…)

It’s true, I definitely splurged on that one. But hey, I got a fairly nice tax return. :slight_smile:

Slender Threads (from the developers of “Kelvin and the Infamous Machine”):

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This is our new adventure game :
Just started working on it so don’t expect too much, but we do have a very fancy trailer!
Also, it’s not a classic PnC, it has RPG elements and new mechanics as well.
Out in 2022 hopefully.


Oh! That’s the title!

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