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Video game music

I don’t know where to put this, so I create a new thread - maybe we can collect other things about video game music here. :slight_smile:

In October there is the “Game Music Festival” in Poland. An Orchestra will play the Grim Fandango music (btw: We are celebrating 20 years of Grim!).


Pretty sure we had at least one video game music thread a long time ago, but after such a long time this might better than digging that up.

Oh, the nostalgia. That was the very first thread I responded to…
Something like “Your favorite Adventure Game theme song”

I asked if Zelda was considered an adventure game, and you asked if I liked tri-tones :grimacing:

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Oh yeah and you said it was a more of a Sabbath thing to which I replied with KCs early live staple Mars The Bringer Of War.

Oh to be so young again…

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We had this one about video game music covers, so we can at least link to it:


I thought that too, but this beeping Discourse search hasn’t found anything where the above link would fit. Anyway, now it’s too late. :wink:

Yeah, but that would be not the right place for a (professional) concert. IMHO :slight_smile:

One of the most loved band is Press Play On Tape.
Here’s a live performance of Aztec Challenge, the (in)famous game by Cosmi for C64


If we ever organise a TWP forum meetup, let’s have them play at the party…


With this one:


I hear @Sushi is footing the bill for everything. :angel:


On second thought, let’s just have W3SP

…or both…

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… on third thought… let’s just have Guga


How about Frank Klepacki?

(No complaints! He composed the music for adventure games like Legend of Kyrandia and Blade Runner. Even though you know that in my secret heart of hearts I want the Dune/C&C/Emperor/8-Bit Armies type stuff.)

But yeah, @Guga is excellent too! :smiley:

Edit: full soundtrack:

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Oh, yeah! I like their Comic Bakery/Backstreet Boys version. :slight_smile:

As far as I can see you can’t buy their CDs anymore? “Homecomputer” is the only CD I found in the 010101 shop:

@ZakPhoenixMcKracken: Do you know other sources?

Any of you super nerds got an idea what that translates to?


21 = ERR (apparently)

It seems that only the “run/stop restore” album is available, even on Spotify

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On YouTube music there 2/3 albums:



The album Loading Ready Run is missing

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On what? O.o

It’s the answer of Big G to Spotify

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