Fan-made music of Lucasfilm Games

Here is a pretty good metal cover version of the Zak McKracken theme by MASTER BOOT RECORD: Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders.


This is one of my favourite covers (I think it’s also quite well known):


I love the Press Play On Tape version of Monkey Island Theme + LeChuck Theme.


Sounds really good! :sunglasses:

I like this Monkey Island Theme:

(it took me multiple replays to understand her intro…)


I’ve listened to it 5 times and I still don’t understand it. Must be a very thick Scottish accent or something.

It’s Swiss German :smiley:
It’s easier once you know it’s German (assuming someone understands German).

That’s simple and amazing at the same time!

Unfortunatly, understanding German doesn’t help me too much :slight_smile: This is Swiss German after all, which differs a lot from most dialects spoken in Germany. Ususally, when I drive through Switzerland, I switch to a french radio station, because, even though I’m German, that’s easier to understand for me :slight_smile:
But nevertheless i like the dialect. it’s just difficult to understand for someone not from the region. So if anyone here has learned German only in school, please don’t get frustrated by the video :wink:

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When hearing it the first time the only clue for me it may be German was when she said “Los!” (Go!) at the end. I didn’t understand anything before (the first time at least). :slight_smile:

Does anybody know professional musicians that remastered old music? can be any adventure game, not just Lucasfilm.

This is what I hear at work sometimes:

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Don’t worry, living in Zurich doesn’t help either :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been living more than six years there and I’m still struggling with their dialect.

I understood something like “you never know when such videos should start, isn’t it?” but the second sentence is still going over my head. It doesn’t seem to be a Zurich accent, so I can’t do anything about it :stuck_out_tongue: any Swiss Germans here to help?

Loose translation may be something like:
"You never know how to begin such a video, right? It’s awkward, just sitting there… go!
At least that’s what I’ve heard.

Oh, there’s a translation in the video :stuck_out_tongue: well, it was a nice Swiss German exercise for me. I still don’t understand the “just sitting there” part, but it was fun to try.

Edit: I see she made a tutorial video where she explains how to play the guitar part, all in Swiss German (with English subtitles). Swiss German and Monkey Island music, this might be the best video ever.

Ohh, yeah, sometimes it’s a good idea to click on ‘show more’.

She says ‘hockste da’ (hocken: slang for ‘to sit’)

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I LOVE THIS :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

blablabla character limit

Two of my favorites for Monkey Island

One simplistic and beautiful

One complex and majestic


Not Scottish for sure, but if it were, she must be saying “Diggin’”

This guitar+violin rendition of the MI theme is also pretty nice