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Seems you missed one. Spam link comment, at the very bottom of your budget post:

Yeah, I’m kind of binge-reading that blog, including many of the great comments. Kind of sad I never heard about this game during the Kickstarter. Looks like I missed out on quite an experience.


Heck, yeah! It was quite the experience. :slight_smile: I was new to Mr. Gilbert’s work (well, I didn’t know much about him, anyway), joined at the beginning and was fascinated by the open, candid, transparent, and approachable way in which they managed the entire development effort.

It was great! :+1:



Similar story here. Of course I know about Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, and the Humongous Entertainment games, but I didn’t discover P&C adventures until Discworld (after which I played Indy and DotT, but never went further back and somehow never got around to MI). What I didn’t know was who was behind these games though. For me, adventure games have always been associated with Roberta Williams (though I never played any of her games) and Tim Schäfer.

The quality of Thimbleweed Park though has inspired me to look into the old classics again, both replay and first play. I’m sure Ron will hate me for saying this, given his thoughts on the subject, but I managed to get myself stuck in 3 games at once: Thimbleweed Park, Day of the Tentacle, and the included Maniac Mansion. At this point I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to also start (re)playing Zak, Simon the Sorcerer and Grim Fandango. And I just discovered I also have the Gabriel Knight series and Sanitarium on GOG… :wink:

ps: lots of folk here probably posted under different names back there, but every time I see your name next to a comment I have this pleasant moment of recognition, like unexpectedly bumping into an acquaintance on the street.


Hi Guys! I’m so happy that the classic p’n’c community didn’t die! :wink: Thank you for this wonderful forum!


Welcome Harley!

Indeed, we are just hiding here.
Stay a while…! Stay foreeever!

or as long as it’ll take you to read all the posts here, which is practically forever too


I never understood why people said social media could take up so much time, but the Discourse forum algorithm very cleverly suggests new/old other topics when reaching the end of one.


Now we are two! Soon we’ll take over the forum. MUHAHAHAHA :japanese_goblin:


I have Oxenfree (for free) in my gog library too… never tried it though.


Hm… Is Oxenfree an adventure game? :thinking:


Fix that Dr. Sushi. It’s a hidden gem. (also Hi forum! :wave:, not dead just too busy)


Hello everyone. I’m the director Daniele Spadoni. I’m glad to be part of your community (my English is poor) :smiley:


Congratulations for your works!

I have a lot of questions for you… just let me ask this: where did you shoot the lab scenes for the Maniac Mansion movie?


@Ema , Hydropower system - no longer in use. :wink: It is located where I currently live :wink: Ferrara .