Official Thimbleweed Park Forums

Welcome to the Thimbleweed Park Forums


Welcome to the official forums for Thimbleweed Park, where you can chat about the game, ask for hints, get support or generally have a good time with the developers and other ThimbleHeads.


Great idea !!! Thanks for continuing to build on something that’s already great and making it better!!!


That´s realy great. Since I´m still playing (very slow, I really don´t want to finish it :slight_smile: ) I´m no longer reading comments on the blog to avoid spoilers.

Thanks for this forum!



The new forums look great! I have just one minor issue: I would like a bit more of contrast in some places. For example the white button text on the light green buttons isn’t perfect for fast and easy reading. Or the dark blue name of a poster on a somewhat darker blue background. So it would be nice if you could optimize this a little bit more for readability (some tiny tweaks in color probably would be enough).
And btw, thanks for the incredibly great game, the blog and now the forums!


Unfortunately, I don’t have much control over that. I have hacked some of the CSS and will continue to look into that.


HELLO WORLD! God am I happy to see you guys keeping this thing going on… still hopping for part 2 8)


Cool tutorial, the discobot was very entertaining :+1:


THANK YOU for this forum
It’s nice, and suitable for the people of the “old” blog :blush:


Great! It was getting hard to find new comments in the last few blog posts…


Thank you again! It’s way more structured than the dev blog of course.


The comments on the dev blog were designed to comment on the latest entry, and that worked for a long while. When the game released, people wanted to talk about more than just what I had posted and it got messy fast. Enter… these forums. It felt like we built a nice community on the blog, it would be a shame to loose that. I can already see a very different (and better) dynamic developing here.


Great place to talk about the game, and, thanks again for supporting the GNU/Linux platform :slight_smile:


Great idea - thanks to all involved in setting this up!


@RonGilbert I just gotta say, you making Thimbleweed Park after all this time has inspired me to follow a bit of a dream to design and develop games. Thanks to you and everyone on your team.


This is a great idea. I’m looking forward to getting back into the community as it was so much fun leading up to the game. I should be finishing it soon so I don’t have to worry about spoilers!


I’m the same! I’ve refused to look up any hints whatsoever so it’s taking me a while…


Hi all,

really great to see a forum now. Looks pretty fancy :smiley:

I’ve said it many times on twitter but I want to say it again: Thank you for this great game and thanks for bringing a piece of my teen years back. I really really missed good adventure gaming.


I think it’s a terrific idea. It is truly refreshing having such direct access to game developers, especially those who are so obviously passionate about their work that they embrace their user community so warmly.

Thanks for doing this. :slight_smile:



It’s a lot of fun for us as well.


Awesome, it’s great to have an official forum for Thimbleweed Park! :slight_smile: