My own thimbleweed park first impressions

played this game called thimbleweed part for about an hour and a half last night? anyone here heard of it? I thought i’d post my first impressions of it here, see if anyone else has heard of it.

uh if you’d consider talking openly about the first hour and a half of the game to be spoilers then uh spoiler warning? iguess???


Nina Matsumoto’s key art is gorgeous! Will it fuck anyone here up to say i’ve been a fan of Nina Matsumoto longer than a fan of Ron Gilbert? Its 100% true.

Oh my god the backgrounds are goergeous.

Hey so is bringing up the pixel size mixing a taboo? I hate it lol. The engine would be much better suited to non-pixel art, something more hand-painted (RTMI is the better looking game is what i’m saying).

I’m glad the game is using modern pixel art visually to its fullest, though. The lighting, distortions, and particle effects really add a lot, even if they’re a big contributor to the pixel size mixing mentioned above.

I was never fond of the bobble headed Maniac Mansion style. Still not on board with it, but the game is probably the best looking bobble heads i’ve seen. Whoops that sounds back-handed, but its not. The character art is looking sharp. Pixel art looks good.

There’s a lot to like about the art, and I hope I haven’t given a negative impression of it. Despite my criticisms, game looks good. It’s just not exactly to my own taste.


Why am I playing this on a Switch? Controls bad. I should probably switch to PC before I get too much further in the game.

Nine verbs… this is clearly a part of the retro throwback. All the problems with nine verbs in the old games are still here, and I feel that was intentional. Those “problems” to me must be texture and interest to others. After all, there’s been no perfect solution to nine verbs yet. It does have advantages, too.

Uh problems like extraneous verbs, and a huge UI element always stuck on screen, needing a lot of cursor movement in order to play (switch controls bad). Advantages like giving you more possibilities in exploring the world, and sparking the imagination. You know these. I’m not here to relitigate these arguments, just saying I Know Them, and I have my personal preference. Please No flame wars about verbs.


oh right the story.

Love to see the european character murdered right away. Shoutouts to european adventure gamers.

Ray and Reyes are both absolutely fucking freaks and I love them. They’re horrific. I loved feeding them awful hot dogs and making them vomit. I’m going to make all the characters do it. I think you might have to do it, and I’m looking forward to it.

lol dave and snady became slightly depressed heterosexuals. of course they did

Love the gender of the pigeon brothers. That’s some good gender.

I turned on the “annoying in-jokes” option. I may be a spry young early-thirties year old, and my back pain is still mild, but I can hack it. And yes, it is A Lot. I’m glad the option is there. I’m going to keep the in jokes on though! In-jokes or die.

Its weird to see the sierra v lucasarts fan war relitigated here. I bet those with severe back pain have a big smile on their face, but those flame wars were already piping down by the time I was old enough to care lol.

hey, remember when computers were brand new and a novelty? i dont! my parents might, but my parents would be shit at adventure games.

lol, Vacuum tube shop named You Tube. Funnie.

gets to the swearing clown part how do i turn the bleeps off. i need to turn the bleeps off. where is the bleep disabler 3000. i need the clown to swear for real. please i need this so badly. how to make clown say a real fuck. nintendo switch swearing moments

Gets to the Delores part oh boy the self insert character time. Yes!! Hell yeah!!! woooooooo!!!

then i stopped playing right as i started as Delores. no reason just felt like an exit point.

yeah i haven’t unlocked the spooky ghost yet. i should probably stop playing 3scary5me

However, I must say i’m still futzing around in the earlygame plot, and the story still feels like the threads are coming together. I’m not sure where everything is going or quite what’s happening. theres some chuck and some pillows? its a good thing the world is so appealing, because the plot hasn’t hit a focused point yet. Not that it’s a bad thing. I like meandering!

The end’s been spoiled for me but I don’t care really. Even knowing how it ends, I want to go on the journey anyway.


So you can probably notice some reasons I didn’t play when the game was new. I was aware of the kickstarter as it was going on, but I didn’t want to play a nostalgia game. Every part of the game looked like it was just nostalgia fuel for people a bit older than me, and didn’t have much appeal outside of that.

That’s also why I put no effort into avoiding spoilers.

I only started playing after RTMI, because I’m… well my mood has changed. I’m just kind of in the mood to play it now.

The cultural impact, and learning there are kids who get into this game and like it, also gave me reason to take a second look. learning its not just for nostalgic old farts, and is also for fresh-faced young farts.

And I mean at least thirty percent of wanting to try it was being active on the forums and thinking “its weird i’m on these forums about a game I never played”.

i just came here to talk about monke, but now im playin more games!!! what !!!.

so I figured some forum nerds here might get a kick out of reading some new first impressions, even if they were as long and rambling as this. I’m never writing a post this long again fuckin enjoy.


I seem to remember there’s a setting in the game to make it look like the old games in terms of pixels…

You need to get the “Ransome Unbeeped” DLC (I’m not joking, this is a real thing).

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Are the controls on Switch different to playing with controllers on PC? Controller worked great there.

Hey, how do you know all about our back pain?

It was supposedly called pixelPerfect, it never really worked for me though:

Another reason to play a PC version!