What games have you played the most?

What are the games you’ve played the most in your life?
I mean in terms of hours of playing.

I’ll begin with a generic poll, regarding genres.

  • Action
  • Action-adventure
  • Adventure
  • Role-playing
  • Simulation
  • Strategy
  • Sports
  • Others (logic, trivia, cards, casual)

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Second question: which are the specific titles that you played the most?

Third question: if adventure games are among games you played the most, how many times you completed your favourite ones?

P. S. If you wonder under which category your most played games are, please check the wikipedia article on video game genres I used as a reference for the entries.
As @someone says, adventure games do not have, for their nature, a great replayability (at least not in short periods of time). But don’t think of it as a challenge among genres. I wanted to know what are the other genres of games that we played the most.


As for me, probably the games I’ve played the most are strategy games and adventure games.
The games I spent most of the time playing are real time strategy games and turn-based strategy games.
Among turn-based strategy games I enjoyed a lot of titles from SSI, Strategic Simulations inc. In particular Panzer General II and the first three installments of Heroes of Might and Magic, which shared elements of role-playing.
Among real time strategy, my favourite (and most played) are Seven Kingdoms by Trevor Chan, and the first two Warhammer (Shadow of the Horned Rat and Dark Omen).
As you can see, they are all quite old, 'cause now my time spent for strategy games is very few. But I often have a look for adventure games, instead, for which my interest never stopped.
Among adventure games, I think I played the most “The secret of Monkey island”, which is my all-time favourite. I guess I completed it not less than four times, and I wandered its first chapters for years. As well as Thimbleweed Park (completed four times, not wandered for years… oh wait! It’s 2018 now…)

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That’s a very difficult question for me. If I focus on the games I’ve played in my recent spare time then I’ve mostly played adventure games. The far I look back in time the more different genres I’ve played. For example I’ve spent hours with the strategy games “Theme Park” and “Dungeon Keeper” or the first games of the “Need for Speed” series - only to name a few different examples.

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Probably the game I’ve played the most is civilization IV. I loved the first game, which I played really a lot. Then I followed every new chapter, until I got IV which is my fav. I bought also Civ V, but I didn’t like it. So I didn’t even tried VI. Sometimes I still play IV.
The other games I played a lot were Prince of Persia, Geoff Crammond’s GP1, F15 Strike Eagle III, Transport Tycoon, Monkey Island.
A separate mention goes to Doom, one of the few FPS I played a lot, but far less then the other genres.
These are the games I have played the most in my life. I notice only now: all different genres, and one title per genre.

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I am a die hard Farcry fan… I have played 1,2,3 and Primal, still have to play 5 and 4.
I love Euro Truck Simulator 2… And I have played AC Black flag and AC India. Apart from this I have played PVZ, PVZ 2 and Pvz heroes. Also Sniper ghost warrior 1 & 2. Then I have played The escapists 1 and 2. I tried Cuphead but it was too hard for me. Then of course I play Minecraft and PUBG mobile in my free time… And I almost forgot I have played NFS Most wanted 2005 and NFS Rivals. Then I have played COD WAW and COD BO2 a lot of times.

No even surprised that no one voted for sports games in this forum! I don’t get the point of playing a sports game, you may as well play that sport in real life, right? If I want to play soccer I just go out to a park.

Actually MI2 is probably the game I played the most often. Or Suikoden 2. I’m not sure. I played Zelda 3 a few times too, it’s surprisingly very nice to replay because it’s so huge. I used to play Civilization 2 a lot, as well. At some point I put myself the challenge to survive with only one city, I called it “Singapore” if it were on an island or “Luxembourg” if it were inland, and try to make it to 2020.

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I don’t know what the subtle differences between action/action-adventure/adventure are?

Back in the ol’ days, we called them shoot’em ups, beat’em ups, platform games, racing games and of course :“adventure” games (=text and/or point&click).

I am always surprised when I see the hours on record in Steam (at least one plus over gog?) compared to my perception. So any old title I’ll mention will be a hugely wild guess. I could look it up in Steam to at least have that.

Probably nr.1 is some brainless mobile app I spent way too much time on in small doses of 10 minutes 10 times a day, for over a year. Like SW commander. But it isn’t a good game, only addicting. I’m fine now, though.

I’ll think a bit on real games and post back later. At the risk that I’ll want to revisit some of those. Actually, that might be an idea, because I could time how long it takes me to complete them again…

I was also wondering what those come under. That’s what I played most back in the day.

As a sports AND sports game fan, well… it’s not the same. First of all, the weather. Then, the organizational issues - where? When? How many people? Will they all show up, or leave you with less people than needed?

Or changing sports: do you happen to have a racing car + a racing track available at all times?

And last but not least, the core issue: playing a sports game is not a surrogate of playing a sport. It’s a totally different objective.

By genre, I’d say sports and adventure games. And a bit of platformers.

But the single game I played most of all is surely Prince of Persia. I still play it regularly.

I concur about car racing games, I played a few and they are good fun. I see them more as simulation than sports game per se though. But I used to enjoy Formula 1 a lot so those games were interesting. I see your point about sports games but I find them a bit boring in general. I guess there’s something for every taste.

My game list is long… but to keep it short:
except for all the Lucas* (and subsequent LLCs) adventure games, from Labyrinth to the latest Tales From Monkey Island, I played most:

  • on Commodore 64/128:
    Arkanoid, Summer/Winter/California Games by Epyx, HypaBall, Ball Blazer, Impossible Mission, Ghostbusters, The Way of the Exploding Fist, Leaderboeard Golf, Bubble Bobble, Bruce Lee, The Great Giana Sisters, The Castles of Doctor Creep

  • on Commodore Amiga 500/1200:
    Arkanoid, Menace, R-Type, Xenon 2, Defender of the Crown, Another World, Cruise for a corpse, Turrican 1 & 2, Superfrog, Worms, International Karate +, Lemmings, Cannon Fodder, Rainbow Island, Lotus Turbo Esprit Challenge, Pinball Dreams/Fantasies, Populous


It is actually quite hard for me to say, as I have played and still play such a wide array of games
(Everything except sport, unless you count racing as sport)

Then in regards to the voting poll, it’s hard to define what some games are, is Deus ex for example an action game, a action adventure game or a role playing game, or is it all of them…

As for specific games that I definitely know that I have spent over 100 hours + on each of these individual games:

Fallout 3
Fallout 4
Counter Strike (in its various forms)
Battlefield 2

I know that I have collectively spent over 100 + hours on each of these specific series:

Prince of Persia Series
Monkey Island Series
Age of Empires Series
Thief Series (except 2014)
Lucas Arts p’n’c collection (1987 to 2000)
Deus Ex Series
Hitman Series
GTA series (gta 2 is amazing)
Tomb Raider Series
Resident Evil Series
(I could actually go on forever)

I’ve also had a large diet of a plethora of FPS titles over the years everything from Wolf 3D to last years Dusk and everything in between.

I really need to go outside more :confused:

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This reminds me that the poll is a little bit unfair :wink: because you can spent more time with some games as with others. For example you can play the Civ games endless and countless times while an adventure game ends after, let’s say, 15 hours. So you can play a strategy or RPG game much longer than a single adventure game.

You seem more the action game guy? :slight_smile: How do you got to Thimbleweed Park?

For me it’s the opposite: Especially in Europe the FIFA football (=soccer) games are very, very popular. So I wonder that no one mentioned it (yet).

Same here. That’s the same reason why I don’t watch sport in TV (only in very rare cases). But as @Guga wrote, there are good reasons to play such games. :slight_smile: And playing Winter Games with the whole family is fun!

Which one most? :slight_smile: Like @ZakPhoenixMcKracken I have played “Gianna Sisters” on the C64 countless times. And if you include die Metroidvania-style games then I have to name Turrican 1+2 too. (All games from the 80s/early 90s.) Recently I spend a lot of time with Rochard.

You are considering car racing as a sport? I would put it in a separate category… :thinking:

btw: It’s interesting to see that most of us named older games. :wink:


That’s because
A) we had more spare time back then to play
B) we weren’t on forums like this back then in our spare time
C) those games were better
D) those games were harder to master

Or a combination of above


According to the wikipedia article I used as a reference, platforms come under “Action” category. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_genres
But if you’re thinking about a game like “The Cave”, I guess that it can be considered an hybrid action-adventure (mostly for the presence of puzzles and a strong narrative component).

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Yes, that’s the implication: We are (too?) old - but I didn’t wanted to write it that explicitly down. :wink:

Well, we called that “schoolyard”… :wink:

I wouldn’t agree with both. For example Gianna Sisters and especially Katakis had several very hard levels…

Yes, you’re right. But don’t take the poll as a challenge among genres. I just wanted to know and share for which games we spent most of our precious time :grimacing:.

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That’s an interesting point (among others). Infact reading the posts here you can also get an idea of the period in which every user has been most active in gaming (unless he/she is a great retro-gamer).

Yes, but it makes it difficult for me to estimate the time. So at the moment I really can’t tell the genre(s) I played most. I can only tell the genres I’ve played least: sport and simulation games. :slight_smile: