Longest and shortest time you've spent on a game

I was looking at my Steam stats earlier. It made me wonder:

What are the top 3 games you’ve spent the longest time playing?
What are the top 3 shortest?

You don’t need to have completed them. If you don’t know accurately how long you spent, try and give a good estimate. There’s no restriction on how far back you go.

For example, my top 3 shortest are:
Obduction – 0.9 hours (I didn’t like it!)
Lifeless Planet – 1.7 hours (a bit boring)
Cluck Yegger in Escape from the Planet of the Poultroid – 3.1 hours (shattered nerves)

And my top 3 longest:
Thimbleweed Park – 72 hours (add another 2 for mobile/controller beta testing!)
The Witness – 46 hours (unfinished)
The Talos Principle – 31 hours (unfinished)

I’ve only looked at my Steam games as I couldn’t accurately estimate those I’ve played outside of it.

This isn’t specific to adventure/Lucasarts games - any category counts.

(Note: we may well have covered this before, but I couldn’t see a dedicated topic.)

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My Steam and GOG Galaxy stats are decidedly inaccurate due to in-game pausing, setting aside the fact that I play most stuff safely outside of those confines.

Here’s the rundown on all Steam games I’ve played for more than 3 hours:

I played Layers of Fear on Steam by mistake. I’d already acquired the game on GOG, but then I got it for free on Steam thanks to Humble Bundle.

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I notice Psychonauts is on there. I’ve got that in my library but not sure if I’ll like it. What was your impression?

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One of the very best platformers ever made. One of Tim Schafer’s worst stories.

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I can’t tell it because I don’t use Steam. :slight_smile: And I’ve played so much games in my life, that I can’t remember the longest and shortest games. The longest might be Maniac Mansion because I replayed that a lot of times. Same goes for Monkey Island I and Indiana Jones 3.


PS I backed Psychonauts 2.

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I don’t use GOG Galaxy, so no info on the GOG games… TWP has 21 hours on a save game near the end, but that doesn’t include loading and restarting things. So easily 40 hours on that one.

Longest (all completed except for SW the force unleashed)

Shortest > 0 (though Indy is misleading, as I launch it directly in ScummVM outside of Steam, I think I spent at least 15 hours to complete it)

Bonus for @PiecesOfKate:


How do I get a list out of Steam like yours?

Longest is most likely Half-Life. Played it countless thanks to all those mods back then, including Counter-Strike.
This was long before Steam was born. Or Steam had those stats.

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I looked manually through my Steam stats (which says absolutely nothing because I nearly exclusively play DRM-free games without such nonsense):

Here is my Top 3 of longest play time:

  • The Cave - 23h
  • The Secret of Monkey Island: SE - 12 hours
  • Monkey Island 2: SE - 9 hours

One of the shortest ones:

  • Thimbleweed Park - 12min

You need to not click on your library, but on your name, then activity. Then you click on games on the right below your name / above friends, groups,… Finally go to the tab All Games and sort by Playtime


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Thanks, I thought it may be there because of this blueish colour tone, but it tells me to setup my Steam Profile or something which I couldn’t care less about.

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not a fan of mmo but the longest is for me definitely LOTRO i’ve clocked hundreds of hours in middle earth. i sometimes enjoy just riding for hours from the shire to rohan… great story and immersive world & lore, big recommend


I imagine there must be another way to display it, without setting up a Steam profile - which you can keep minimal, just your nickname and avatar like on the forum here and set everything to private/me only. It’s not like Steam doesn’t know your mail and library already.
It seems you do care at least a little, to the extent of being able to post some nifty stats here on TWP forums :wink:

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I don’t recall setting up a Steam profile. It doesn’t seem like something that’d interest me much anyway. I only really have it because of some Humble Bundle things, possibly the Total War bundle. I have one or two of those older ones on DVD-ROM and they don’t require stupid stuff like Steam. Wouldn’t have bought the newer games without a very decent price cut. Once I had Steam I also bought a few things like a Tomb Raider pack for $12 (all Tomb Raiders up to and including 2013), a GTA pack (similar deal up to IV, was a bigger waste of money in retrospect), and later RotTT not too long after it came out.

I go for GOG all the way. No nonsense (besides the installers they put around everything), just a download you can use however you want. The only real problem is that they don’t have something like a “do not want” list. Or actually two of those. An “I already have this on CD-ROM, quit bugging me about it” list and a “not interested” list.

There are some people who say that Steam also sells DRM-free games. The older Tomb Raider games are actually examples of that. But you need to jump through all kinds of hoops to actually use them in a DRM-free kind of way, so it’s a kind of technically DRM-free.

Yes, going through every game in the Library section and checking if it shows a play time under Last Played, like I did.

Not really.
But it would have been impolite not answering a question when PiecesOfKate asks one :slight_smile:

It’s probably not necessary anymore with newer accounts, it already happens during creation (I assume).

My accounts are from simpler times (e.g. my oldest account has a 5 digit ID).


I already had an account back in '04 or '05 but I had to make a new one in this decade because I forgot my nick and/or e-mail.

Edit: btw, here’s my list from GOG, except I play most GOG games without Galaxy. I’m surprised how little time I apparently spent in Gorogoa, and Broken Sword 5 must be a pause screen or something because I’d be surprised if I played that for more than half an hour.

I spent more than a year on the same game of Suikoden II as I thoroughly explored every possibility of the game and kinda never wanted to get out of it.

I think I spent a few minutes trying to play Action 52 before I gave up (yes, I actually owned that cartridge).

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Aw, that’s nice :slightly_smiling_face:

I appreciate not everyone uses Steam, or likes it. I used that example because that’s what made me want to ask the question, after I looked at my stats. But I’m just interested in what type of games take up people’s time, really.

As a kid I must’ve racked up hours of playtime on platform games. I wish I had a record of that. As platform games are more linear I guess I spent more time trying to beat them (especially The Lion King and Aladdin), whereas now my time builds up when exploring or working out puzzles.

I’m also a bit of a sucker for Steam achievements, so sometimes large proportions of my gaming are for that.

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Then again, you’d see that and go “I could have learned how to play piano in that time” … “or found a cure for cancer”

Oh,yeah Aladdin was brutally hard. Nothing magical about that carpet ride level if you ask me. I still have the original cartridge for the MD, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t get through level 1 now.

On a funny side note (perhaps we should open a new topic for sega fanboys/girls replaying games, Kate?) I do have some games in muscle memory… when demonstrating one of them to my son recently, I caught myself jumping at seemingly random places to avoid a bad guy popping up or a bonus to appear and such.

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Like Sushi I think I’d rather not know specific numbers :slight_smile:
I have disabled this feature in GOG Galaxy and would disable it on Steam if it were possible.

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