When will you rewatch Alien?

Based on @Someone’s suggestion:

  • Tonight
  • Tomorrow
  • Every day
  • Next week
  • Next month
  • Within a decade
  • When I’m six feet under :coffin:
  • Help, a xenomorph!
  • :beer: option

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Last time I saw it was right before I saw Covenant. So pretty much a year ago now. And turned out to be a bad idea, since that made the movie look even worse than it already was.

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Covenant and prometheus were childish and sucked. I’m reluctant to rewatch Alien, I have a good memory of that film.

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Pitch Black is a better Alien-like movie.

The disappointing It Came from Outer Space somehow still manages to be better.

But! Covenant had some really beautiful set and prop design. Take what you can. :wink:

Alien has aged very well, I think.

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I hadn´t seen it in years when I re-watched it one day and was surprised how well it held up.

That was the part that dissapointed me the most about it. That Necropolis (including a very nice shot that was an hommage to Arnold Böcklin´s Dead Island, a painting that Giger has made his own version of too) looked amazing and they did so little with it in the end.

I have rewatched all alien movies up to Alien3 this year for the first time since the 80s/90s(?) and now I was going to watch the recent reboot stuff. But reading that those suck (I think I saw a bit from prometheus once and indeed it sucks), I am not really looking forward to them.
I also watched the predator movies and Alien vs Predator in the same period.

on a spoilerish side note, I didn’t like that the little girl whom Ripley saves in Aliens gets killed off right after.. After that my emotional investment with the series went down the drain and I couldn’t care who’s up next.

There is so many of them and only two worth watching really. Though the first Alien vs Predator came really close and I must say I like that backstory they came up with there a lot more than the one from Prometheus (that the Predators made the xenomorphs in order to have something to hunt). It is also the only film since the original where the original writer was involved, though he soon disowned it. And it was a shame that the sequel sucked so hard. I liked the Predator Alien hybrid at the end of the first one.

original design that predates the making of the movie

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AvP2? I didn’t know that existed.
that original design though… what a dickhead! :smile:

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AvP2 Requiem as it was called is set in a small town and constructed like a teenie slasher. Someone even says “get to the chopper” near the end. Obviously just not the same like when Arnold says it.

Good enough that Dan O´Bannon showed it to Ridley Scott and suggested they hire that guy to design their creature. :slight_smile:

I’m going to wait until I forget about the baby alien jumping out of that guy’s stomach.

That scene left a mark on us all…

The movie itself was not unreasonable (though certainly not good), but it was so dark you couldn’t see a thing.

They recreated this amazingly well in the video game Alien: Isolation. I really like the movie, but I’ve had so much fun with this game that I even would prefer the game.

I like all the Alien films (1-4) a lot. I saw them within a year with my wife who don’t like that kind of a movie. We watched the extended directors cut editions in HD on Blu-ray on a huge and pretty new projector and screen and surround sound in a friends living room. Oh, and with beer.

Many people favor part 2, so much action and killing and splatter in it. For me part 2 is in the top 4, but not the best. I think they are good in the chronological order and with Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in it.

I also recommend part 3 in the long extended version. It gives the movie more time to tell the story. I can’t describe it very well, but I’m always glad that I’ve discovered the good version of part 3 for me.

Prometheus I just saw a few weeks ago, also onto that gigantic screen and in 3D. It’s not as good as the original four films. It was ok to see it the third time, but I think that was it. Haven’t seen the Covenant episode yet.

I found that AvP was total crap. I don’t want to talk about it.

The game Alien Isolation is done very well, atmospheric wise. I just don’t understand the stupid robots. Until they show up, the game was really good and scary. Unfortunately I don’t like horror and splatter. It is a wonder however that I love the Alien franchise.

So, to answer the question of this thread: I hope I will rewatch it within the decade, probably within the next three or four years I guess.

Two is very good but not nearly as good as the first. But two’s the first I saw so it’s special that way. :wink:

I saw Spaceballs first, and then many years later Alien 1. Amazing stuff.

Two is ok. I think the whole 1-4 counts to me as one experience. However, if I could only take one to an uninhabited island, I’d probably take #1. Wait! #3! No, wait! #2! Or #4! I take them all!

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