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Watched Indiana Jones 4 Film again and I still love it

Maybe because it was directed and written by Steven Spielberg / George Lucas respectively…

Maybe because when I was 4 years old, my older sister 6 years ahead of me grew up watching these…

Maybe because, back in the day, my dad who was a programmer in a bank made me play LucasArts Games…

Maybe because Cate Blanchett was in it coz I love her since “Elizabeth…”

Maybe because Shia Labeouf was in it, too, coz I like him…



Watching it again after 12 years, it’ still is an amazing film imho. But, what do you guys think of it?


I should watch it again. I saw it only once, 12 years ago. I remember I liked it but was also disappointed that it wasn’t Fate of Atlantis :stuck_out_tongue:


It was alright, I think the concept of a schlocky '50s B-movie was great, but the execution could’ve been better. :slight_smile:


I would love to watch that. <3


I’m not sure if the story of FoA would make a thrilling Indy movie. :thinking: I’m thinking about this since I first played FoA and I haven’t come to a conclusion. There are some parts in the game that would work great as movie scenes. But a lot of them are designed to be interactive.

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I’m not really sure what you’re referring to. I think it’s basically Raiders but with Atlantis. :cat:

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Well, I had big expectations and I was hugely disappointed by that movie :pensive:

I think the writing wasn’t good. I think the writing is everything in a movie like this. The script wasn’t full of witty one liners like the third one. Not even close… the third one was too good, probably. But in the fourth one, I only remember a couple of good lines.

Minor problems: CGI seemed too fake. and Labeouf was too annoying, too aggressive.

Finally, the setting this time wasn’t appealing to me. (But I didn’t like the setting of the second one either).


I wish they had made a SCUMM adventure when the film came out to promote it. Hehe.

Even this parody looks just great:


Doom happens to be my favorite, but it’s a very different kind of pulp fiction.

As an aside, that video perfectly illustrates a very good puzzle that is given away by the “use” verb. It breaks my heart. :sweat_smile:

LOL that plot twist was kind of unexpected :joy:. Thanks for this!

I need to rewatch it in that spirit :slight_smile:

Guess what you made me do.


Oh! Oh! Oh! I know! Conference call with hell! :smiley:


So you think that was intentional? I mean the concept, not the execution :slight_smile:.

It’s the worst of the bunch by far, and I’d gladly exchange my 4-movie DVD set with one that only has the original three.

4-disc set…” contains all three films” according to the back of the box


See, isn’t mine much nicer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:?

It even has the 2 Disc edition of that fabulous 50s-style B-movie masterpiece! All in a glittery and shod^H^H^Hturdy cardboard box!


Oh, got that one too. But it has to sit on the side

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It’s not that bad. At least not as bad any review says it is. I’d rate the films like this:

  • Last Crusade: 45%
  • Raiders of The Lost Ark: 32%
  • Kingdom of The Crystal Scull: 15%
  • Temple of Doom: 8%.

Depends a bit on what you mean by “that,” but it’s something like a '50s sci-fi flick instead of a '40s adventure flick.

So does mine, but note the sticker on the bottom left. :wink:

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