Which cancelled/halted adventure game were you eager to play?

What you have in common though, are dissapointing TV shows based on your creations. Though Sam & Max was probably a little bit better I remember thinking “well they look like them, but they feel like completly different characters”.

Which is especially strange since that show came around the time of The Simpsons, Animaniacs and Beavis & Butthead (and I think South Park and Family Guy already lurked around the corner) so it´s not like they couldn´t have made a more mature show instead of washing it down for little kids, which definitly is not what Sam & Max was.

Somehow I don’t know if I could have stomached a Indy game with that art style. But then I didn’t like the looks of Full Throttle either.

Still, that’s definitely a series I’d love to get a sequel, no matter the looks. :slight_smile:

Totally agree. I love the style of Full Throttle and what was being done with Iron Phoenix. However, I also love the style of FOA, and while I don’t love the Last Crusade style as much, I’d take that too. Personally, I think the Full Throttle art would look interesting with close-ups, but I totally get that it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But few will complain if we get a new, classic-style P&C Indy adventure, no matter what the style.

Though it’d also be nice to revisit iMUSE, which made the FOA soundtrack absolutely wonderful. The song played while looking through the transit on the statute on Crete is one of my favorite songs in a Lucas game.

Freelance Police for me, please. I had been so looking forward to that game, and trust me, I am one of those people who would like to finally see it completed.

However, I was thinking if it were to be brought back, maybe it should, you know, pull a Mother 3 and stick to its 2-D roots, like maybe using Hit-the-Road style graphics, along with the Thimbleweed Park engine, perhaps?

Definitely this:


A never ending long awaited project, but I understand how hard can be making games for free (keeping good overall quality), especially if you have few team members. Maybe there are some good demos but I’ve never seen the full game completed. It would be a great Indy adventure once completed.

btw, I think their main goal is distribution now, since they have several games in their web site and maybe they want to collect money to fund Fountain of Youth…

I didn’t know of that project.

You made me remember of this recent fan-made special edition of Fate of Atlantis (the demo seems to be still available), which has been halted because Lucasfilm has asked the developers to stop the development, as reported in this article.

It is really a pity, I think I would have played it, even if I’m not a fan of the puzzle+action adventure games.

Stopped because it was intended to be a commercial project?! Of course with that graphic couldn’t be a free one… well making a remake of Fate of Atlantis is a nonsense to me (even if the project was really great aesthetically), Fate of Atlantis is already incredible good, even if 25 years are passed!

It was a free one, made by fans just because they love the game.

Enrico, there’s @patrik3dspacek behind that project, that is nothing less than a remake of the original game!

Oh, I didn’t know that! :slight_smile:

What a shame, Disney is really a shame, why stop fans who just want to share their passion and love for their favourite games. They should change the name of the old heroic Lucasfilm, this one owned by Disney is just another speck of dust in their capitalistic monopolization of the market. I know Copyright but why for example they haven’t touched “Fountain of youth” or other Indy projects… :delores::reyes:

Anyway, I vote for MR. JACKPOT :joy:


I´d be hooked on “The Exciting Adventures of Dougie Jones!”

Part 1 Having Breakfast (“coffe”, “HI!!!”)
Part 2 Going to Work
Part 3 ???

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Well, of course is slowly moving towards Twin Peaks, the funny part is how he will manage to get there, maybe by bus! At the moment he seems really interested in having a new pair of trousers… :relaxed:

I have a feeling this might take a while. But I don´t mind, since it´s so much fun too watch!

The general mood is great and is so visionary, it’s Lynch unlimited… but I still think the original Twin Peaks with Frank Silva it’s the most scariest ever, I still have goosebumps rewatching it. This is more Mulholland drive, Inland Empire, Eraserhead if you know these movies.

I´m absolutly getting that vibe too. But I have no problem with that. It´s clear Lynch has more of an influence on the show as a whole now than he had back in the early 90s(for starters I believe he´s directing every single episode this time). And somehow he´s injecting everything he´s done since into the show. Really great, can´t wait for the next part!

Same here, I was really excited about that one! I also liked that after Grim and EFMI’s direct controls it was to return to a point and click interface again. Graphics looked good too. I still don’t really understand why it was cancelled. “Current market place realities” are one thing, but if I remember correctly the cancellation came so late in the production process that most of the game was already done, and it seemed strange to me to simply discard all the work already done - how could that not be more money thrown to the wind then rather than to take a financial risk going ahead publishing the game? My feeling is that its sales should have at least covered the last months of production that they now saved - therefore the financial outcome would have probably been the same, but we would have gotten the game.

Yeah, and later then there was the whole story with Bad Brain and Dr. Kierdorf plans to get a license and finish the game.

Other than that, once there was an article about several games secretly in development by Lucasfan, including that mentioned Raiders of the Lost Ark adventure and even a Star Wars themed one - I would have been eager to play those as well. Never heard anything about these projects or Lucasfan again.

UH great Fate of Atlantis SE :purple_heart:

There has been and there is still tons of discussion about this remake. People loves it, a few hates it, but its like walking in the circle with all remakes ever made today.

Remakes are made for fans, you must be a fan to appreciate the effort, and if you are not a fan of this game, go somewhere else and let the Dev keep working on it. Even people who complains will play this remake at the end. Some people are just egoistic and stubborn in nature and they might think, they would do a better job or they are just jealous or they think, somebody is ruining their original feeling they felt back in 90s.

People mostly doesn’t complain about the remake itself, its actually very popular (330K views), but they are complaining about to make this project legal and official way! and its because, its very hard to obtain anything from Disney, and its because Disney is very political!

Fans were afraid this project can be ruined by cease from Disney. They blame the Dev team, that they tried to make it legal and Fans preferred to shut up, keep it secret and keep working on it, that way the fans would received a full game by time.

The project looks great and here is the story :wink:

BTW: The Dev team, actually never planned to make a full game! Original idea has been to create a playable demo for presentation at Disney or Lucasfilm. Its like you are getting 5 minutes of fame to sale your product.


Thanks for sharing it. :slight_smile:

In which role were you involved?

Lead, Creative Director, 2D/3D Environment Artist and producer :beers: did I miss anything? :ice_cream:

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