A funny Kickstarter: "Shakes & Fidget - The Adventure"

The kickstarter campaign of this new point-and-click comedy adventure game seems really funny: :smile:


The super-meta video might interest you, but I’ll just share here one of the paragraphs on the campaign page, in which they pitch the game:

Notice the “many of our developers”. :smile:

I’m considering to back the project.


I’ve backed the game immediately when I saw it just because it’s developed by KING Art Games.

Never heard of it nor of the comic, and the video tells me nothing about the project, except that the designers think they are comedians and that they will make sure to have a lot of fun making a goofy game.

I love comedy, and would love more funny comedy games. However, their project description (and the campaign video) seems to me less Naked Gun and Space Balls, and more Scary Movie or Not Another Teenage Movie: a silly random collection of pop-cultural references strung together with sophomoric jokes.

At least at the moment, I won’t back the project. I wish them the best of luck, though, and will check it out later on to see if there is more to see.


The fact that it is developed by KING Art Games is actually the reason why I would like to understand a bit more who will provide the comedy elements for the game.

I liked “The book of unwritten tales” but its humor was very bland and it’s important for me to be sure that this time the writing comes from other sources.

I will ask to the authors an example of the humor that the game will have.


This somehow sounds like the least fun thing to do imaginable.

I just asked for a few movie titles with similar humor. If they will answer “Ace Ventura” or other slapstick comedies I’ll just forget about this game.

At least the way they parody the exploiting of name dropping in their advert is absolutly my kind of humor, because it really is spot on.

That’s why I get mixed feelings about the humor. The cartoon style is wacky and strongly based on physical jokes and exaggerated facial expressions, while that parody is funny.

I don’t expect from a game cerebral humor like Monty python (although I’ll play a game with this kind of humor very soon) but I prefer to avoid too juvenile stuff.

Just read about this Kickstarter campain. Didn’t have the time to check the video. I don’t know the webcomic and the non-adventure game, but I liked the humour of the 3 Book of Unwritten Tales games. But I’m over 50% sure that I’ll back the game.

I’m generally not a fan of Flash-like cartoon graphics/animations and would e.g. prefer pixelated look or 3D characters and/or some other style.
But KING Art Games has a high reputation in my eyes and even if I won’t particularly like this or some other aspect of the game there will be likely enough for me to enjoy it anyways (I can be very forgiving when part of a game like art and/or humour and/or story isn’t perfect; just don’t ∗beep∗ up the UI!).

I asked the developers more information about the kind of humor/jokes that game has and they have replied to me.

Here is the question I asked them:

Do you have an example of the kind of humor/jokes that will be used in the game? Can you mention a few movies that have a similar kind of humor?

And here is their answer:

Hey there!

The trailer gives a good hint at what we are after.
Sometimes it is physical humor, sometimes it is over the top stuff (like the traps), sometimes it is a cute little girl that swears like a sailor.

In the game we try to balance serious moments with silly moments, kind of like Naked Gun, Airplane! or Spaceballs.

I hope that helps!

I watched the trailer again and it didn’t feel to me something similar to the humor of the movies that they cited. I don’t think that I’ll become a backer.