Weird and hilarious games on

I stumble regularly over weird and hilarious games on Maybe some of you are interested in these games too, so I would like to collect them here. :slight_smile: (I have to admit that I haven’t played them all - reviews are welcome :slight_smile: )

Coffee Gets You There:

Computer, Open That Door! (If you would like to play a mean computer on a spaceship.)

Barbershop Simulator

Drunken Dad Simulator (with a bear)

Eggs for Bart is a Simpsons Parody horror game:


This one sounds interesting, I’m going to try it.

One of my favorites is Evil Hand.

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Fantastic!!! :laughing:
I love everything about this game. Especially the sound effects!

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Won´t look before guessing this was based on a certain scene of Evil Dead 2?

Edif after checking. Yup!

Edit after playing: Haha! That was fun, cheers!

It’s fun after you realized what and how to do. And you have to be an evil computer. :wink:

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The exhausting day game page is lovely. Especially since I already felt pretty exhausted.

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I like this game! I have 2000 citizens so far! :blush:

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I thought I made all the obvious bad choices but I’m not doing as badly as I thought I would:

(Haunting bad, okay, but skelly neutral, apparently.)

This game is surprisingly hard. I even didn’t pay a dragon to eat 20 townspeople and everything… why are they happy?



The game is addictive - if you start it, you can’t stop playing. :slight_smile:

Only at the first playthrough. After a while you know which questions are leading to which “answers”.

btw: Reigns is a similar game, but I like “Sort the Court” more.

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A knight from my city will be visiting you soon to free your citizens from their peril! :crossed_swords:


:bat: But before you may want to look in my shiny crystal…? :diamonds: Ahahahahah. Ahem.

(btw: I just noticed that you could turn this into a (very) simple RPG that could be played in the forum: Player A asks player B a question. Player B answers with yes or no and then player A tells how the population, the happiness and the wealth of player B is changing. Ok, Ok, dumb idea :wink: )

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I say no every time. I’m gradually getting curious about what I’m missing though…

It’s true that it’s a little flawed. Here, let me demonstrate:

Mister Monster: Hey, can I eat a person?
@Someone: Pick Yes or No

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My browser seems to block this game. Seems like Firefox doesn´t like unity. :neutral_face:

Then download it for Windows, macOS or Linux! :smiley:

/edit: I’m using Firefox too (with blockers) and the game is working. Which Firefox (version) are you using? (It takes some time until the game is loaded.)

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Hmmpf! Why should I listen to you anyway?

He runs off with your gold, eats all the citizens, and everyone is unhappy.

~ ~ Game Over ~ ~

…see? There isn’t any skill in this game, because anyone can give any random answer :wink:


No, it’s meant to be like in the game. :slight_smile: So you are only allowed to remove some of my gold, happiness and/or people. So if that person in your example turns out to be unhappy, he would leave the city (population -1) and the happiness decreases (by 10). The players could define a limit for that - for example one is only allowed to remove and/or add up to 20 points and let Discobot roll the dice to determine the actual points.

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