The worst kickstarters I've ever seen

As some of you might already know, I’d love to become a game designer. Sometimes I daydream about the day I create a kickstarter campaign that allows me to work full time on my idea and that launches my career as an indie game developer.

So, I regularly go on kickstarter to see how other people like me are doing. And sometimes it’s funny as hell. There are a lot of people who think that kickstarter is some kind of magical money machine where you say “I want to make a game” and BAM! you can work on your game. What you get are the most ridiculous campaigns you could imagine - people who don’t tell you what the game is, people who ask for a hundred thousand for an arkanoid clone, people who explicitly say they still need to learn to develop but they’re positive they can deliver a full game in six months, people who give the full game as a reward only for the top tier (like, 500$ or so).

For this reason I plan to link here the campaigns I find “interesting”… in a comical sense. Just as a reminder for myself on how not to create my first campaign.

Let’s begin with my first offender:

Where can I start? The video begins with “Title screen”, which is really not something that shouts “professionalism” out loud. Then it shows a mute demo of the current state of the game. I’m not here to judge the quality of what is shown, but… I’d have at least expected some voice comment on it.

For some reason, the author thinks it’s interesting for a potential backer to know that he wrote the engine in C++, which techniques he used, and (stated twice) that it runs at 110fps. Then: "here is an image showing the number of images per second", and shows an illegible screenshot of his development environment. What the hell?

Then again he adds that he can improve his engine (he really loves his engine), and closes the “risks and challenges” section with a sentence I’m still trying to decipher: “I planned to communicate for this game to avoid a too small number of sales/downloads”.

But the best part is the rewards.

Pledge 25 euro (out of 5500, somewhat reasonable when compared to other things I’ve seen) to receive… your name in the credits.

Pledge 50 euro to receive… your name in the credits. Ok. Oh wait, this one ships anywhere in the world, while the 25 euro doesn’t. I suppose USA will get a filtered version of the credits.

Pledge 100 euro to receive… your :ransome:*beep*ing name in the credits. AGAIN.

Pledge 200 euro to receive… an image of the game. Actually, I quote, the reward above (oh, so I get my name in the credits… I was getting worried) and an email with a nice image of the game. It better be the nicest image I’ve ever seen.

Pledge 500 euro to receive… an image of the game. But this ships anywhere in the world.

Pledge 1000 euro to receive… ALL REWARDS ABOVE!

People, get your wallets ready, it’s time to pledge!


For €1,000 I’d like to receive my picture photoshopped on the game’s image, together with my name spread all over the world. Geez…

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So, Guga, in your dreamed kickstarter campaign… what do you plan to offer to your future backers?

Well… copy of the game, name in the credits, you get to name an in-game object, you get a character with your likeness and if you pledge enough you get to be the dead body by the riv… wait.


There are some horrible campaigns out there!

But this particular one looks more like a joke one. Here are other examples:


That potato salad is the reason why many people thought kickstarter was a money fountain

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I’d like my voice in the gam… wait!

For the Hat reward, of course my brain pictured a vague likeness to a potato salad in woolly hat form. :roll_eyes:

The link to the hat concept art was a major disappontment.

I will rent out a party hall and invite the whole internet to the potato salad party (only $10 and above will be allowed in the kitchen)!

This clearly means that non backers are allowed to join the party!

Not to be confused with the pizza party, which will not involve potato salad.

Are they in parliament, yet?

Not yet! But in the meantime we do have a Pirate Party, and also an Official Monster Raving Loony Party…

If that´s the same one as in sweden we and several other european countries have that too and they´re (slightly) more serious than the name suggests.


sounds actually kind of awesome.

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I have to agree there. When you join, you get to pick your own Loony Name, which will be used for all correspondence sent to you from the party. (See here and here for inspiration.)

Dressing up is not a rule, but is encouraged.

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Zack Danger Brown is a pretty good name, especially in context to a potato salad. Bob Dancer.

You’ve seen nothing until you’ve seen this one. It’s a Kickstarter for a Christian themed board game.

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Find “Heaven” for only $40

Seems legit.
My favourite part is where they explain why they chose camels instead of sheep.

$46,500 for a board game??

Well, he wanted to create Heaven on earth. It was doomed from the beginning.

Camels with halos, wow!

Every single board game needs to be manufactured and shipped. The goal was probably chosen to be able to pay the minimum order quantity of their manufacturer (which is likely well above 1000). The backer price was $40 per game.

In contrary digital content like a video game can be distributed for nearly nothing.

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