A (partial but editable) map of Thimbleweed Park

When I was a teenager, I played many of my adventure games using paper and pencil to carefully draw a map of all the locations of the world to explore. I’m sure that many of you have done the same.

I love maps. For me, they are a way to slowly unfold and discover the game universe as I explore it. Of course, they have a very practical function, but that’s only part of the reason why I have always liked to draw these game maps. If the game is very good, when you reach its end you’ll also get a nice metaphorical map of a hidden treasure: the game that you just finished playing.

Playing the hard mode of Thimbleweed Park I felt the need for a map, especially for the sewers but also because I never remembered which shops/places were on Street A and which ones were on Street B.

This time, I didn’t use paper and pencil but I used Trizbort. This software is a bit buggy but it’s free and it does exactly what I needed to do: easily drawing a map and adding notes to some locations.

So, here follows the map that I drew. Please remind that:

  1. It’s not complete. It contains only the town and the sewers. Maybe some of you could be interested in adding the missing places and publish it somewhere. Do with it whatever you want, consider this Public Domain.
  2. It was intended for personal use, so I didn’t pay too much attention to aesthetics and precision. Probably it’s not very clear in some points.

Downloads from Google Drive:

Download the PNG file
Download the Trizbort raw original file (if you want to modify it)