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A really sad surprise

Hi guys,

I have the Collectors game box and as soon as I received it, I played the game. As a crazy graphic adventures fan, again, it was Fbiiiip awesome.

I’ve let a long time pass in order to play it again. It was tonight, I’ve installed it from GOG and the sad surprise is, I no longer can see Green Tentacle and the Edisons in the Ransom Circus show. THEY HAVE BEEN ERASED!

Any kind of cease and desist Lucasarts stuff?

For me that LOVE every small reference to my beloved games has been really bad news and, again, a sad surprise.

Anyone knows what happened and why this stuff was deleted? Any other deletions that I will miss in the game?

Go to the options and change the “Annoying in-joke references” option
They are off by default

See also



As precise and complete as @Nor_Treblig :grin:


Thank you so much guys! I’ll turn it on NOW! :smiley:


I couldn’t help but look for exactly when the “Annoyingly hidden annoying off-by-default annoying in-jokes option” was first announced.
Annoyingly I could not find the exact first mention.

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