News! Update? DLC?

Well? Theorize away!


I just noticed this too. I wondered if it was for the arcade room?

If it’s only for Reyes, maybe it’s not the arcade room… :slight_smile:


That was my first thought, too. But that would also mean the other 3 actors have to at least send in lines saying why they won´t enter the arcade.

Though I can see Ray (“no thanks, that´s only for NERDS!”) and and Ransome(“beep no, I don´t like playing beeping video games”) being absolutly not into games at all so they refuse and maybe Delores just says “I have a highscore on all these games anyway, I already spent enough time and dimes in there”

I thought maybe they were just starting with him, but yeah probably not :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued…


20 characters

I bet you Reyes will be the only one who enters the arcade(all prerelease shots have only shown him inside). Maybe the others have already recorded their alternate (reasons for refusal to enter even though it´s not locked) lines at the initial session and Reyes needs additional recording because they didn´t know at the time what exactly the games will be.

I´m pretty sure what I posted below will be the exact reasons why the others won´t even enter.

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AFAIR they closed the arcade after the voice recordings. So I assume they have already the voices for the arcade.

Mmhhh, I seem to remember somewhere at some point they wanted to have playable flashbacks for Ray and Reyes as well, I´m I confusing things or whatever happened to that?

All the playable actors are coming back, Reyes is just the first. It’s nothing big like DLC, it’s just because we listen to all your comments and feedback.


Still sounds like a real gig you’ve got going on there. Good stuff.

Just guessing: if you are recording a few “hello, what’s up” sentences to play when two characters enter the same location, this would rock :slight_smile:

Knowing some of the common criticism, I have some ideas what this might be about, thanks!

Hi Ron,

I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but there is a part where I believe the characters should use a different tone because they are in the process of exerting a lot of force. They comment about an object changing it’s state slightly but they say it in a perfectly relaxed manner. I don’t think I have PM capabilities so I don’t dare be more specific.

Also, you have a graphics setting that I think should be applied to at least one other place :slight_smile:

This was the same thing that I thought when I read Ron’s tweet but then I thought that if you want to call all the actors back, it would make sense (from an economic point of view) to take the opportunity to change more than one aspect of the game, if possible.

So, my conjectures are:

  • Playable characters greeting each other when they are in the same location.
  • Adding lines for “Look at” actions on new hotspots (I hope in the factory).
  • Better acting for the scene @colinvella has mentioned above.
  • Clarifying sentences that could have misled some players.
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If you want, you can use spoilers and blur them with the “Blur Spoiler” option (in the last menu) or using the spoiler tags:

[spoiler] text to blur [/spoiler]

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I hope they get Harrison Ford to do some lacklustere voice-over narration that will get removed again ten years from now.


I’m getting hyped for this!

(And by the way, my bae Delores is going to benefit the most from this update, I can feel it!)

You’re setting yourself up to be disappointed

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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I guess…
–> …when all the characters are trying to open the factory’s main door, pulling altogether.