Actual Steam game numbers leaked!

I don’t wanna spoil the number of actual Thimbleweed Park players, but there’s a link to the CSV file and our beloved game is there.

Happy hunting! :slight_smile:

Thanks Stefano, but we were already discussing that here…

Ops, I tried to find if someone already posted it, and didn’t find that one. My bad :slight_smile:


No, this genius forum search that finds everything but not that what I’m searching for…

For instance you can’t search for links or part of them, e.g. his post above won’t show up. :-1:

I’d be more interested in sales on Switch

Well it looks like it has more users than DeathSpank… so, success? :man_shrugging:

I wonder what the number of GOG downloads is since there seems to be a lot of us anti-DRM people on here.