How many people backed the game in the end?

I always wondered after the Kickstarter campaign ended how many people backed the game

You mean after the closing of the Kickstarter campaign, right?
I’m here! So… at least one, I’d say :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is what you want to know, but:
"15,623 backers pledged $626,250 to help bring this project to life."

But there were additional backers too, after the Kickstarter campaign ended. I think Ron wrote on Twitter that there were 19,000 keys reserved for backers, but that would be Steam only

Well, I too am curious to hear the total amount of people who paid for this game, including backers, post-campaign backers, presales (if that was ever possible) and direct sales. In the end, the number in the Kickstarter campaign is the number of people willing to back a project that may never have amounted to anything.

There are 15,623 original Kickstarter backers and probably around 18,000 backers in total

And yes, he requested 19,000 Steam keys (e.g. for all backers + some more):

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:wave: I’m here too! So… two so far. :slight_smile:

18537 backers, including the Kickstarter, Humble Bundle during the KS and Pledge Manager after.


I also backed the project after the kickstarter ended. I wasn’t initially convinced that the game would have been interesting to me, but later some things changed and I used their page to contribute to the project.

Of course, I enjoyed the game so much that I think I will immediately contribute to any future kickstarter campaign by Terrible Toybox. :slight_smile:

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I backed it right away like it was described with EUR 25 but upgraded later to the box level when I realized a much bigger (and prettier) game is actually being made. The EUR 150 is the price the game was absolutely worth for me including the box which I am highly anticipating.