Thimbleweed Park stats

Some interesting info from steam spy:

I’m pleased to see that the average playtime is 12h, it suggests that many finished the game (mine was +25h, I blame Mark Ferrari and Octavi Navarro for that!)

12 Hrs. seems like an average for the “Easy Mode.”

12h seems more like a maximum for casual mode when you look at everything.
(Getting stuck in casual mode is less than an issue, but since the hint line people won’t get really stuck even in hard mode).

Steam achievements are much more meaningful then this single number:
Interesting that there are more then 3 times as much hard winners than easy winners.
Also the Part 1 achievement shows that the vast majority actually played this game at all, which is nothing you take for granted these days.
A pity there are no achievements for starting a game on easy or on hard to point out the relation to those who won the game.

And there are the sort of people playing always on the hardest difficulty and complain if the game is too hard for them, instead of just selecting an easier mode. I wonder if this is also the case at adventure games offering a difficulty selection.

And it’s not like it’s called “easy” and “normal” in this game but “casual” (/normal) and “hard”!

Hm, I probably never got the ‘Messy World’ achievement…

True. +90% is impressive. But I suspect it will go down with time, as the game gets older and more people buy it just because it’s on sale.

It’s not really clear what the 100% represents. Maybe you have to install or start the game at least once so it counts. i.e. there is the possibility that Steam keys which were just activated may not count.

Indeed. I wondered the same thing with Steamspy’s “Owners data”. It goes up and down a lot. Either, it only counts owners which actually have the game installed, or there are quite a lot refunds.

And I don’t get, what “Players total: 67,292 ± 7,851 (81.21%)” exactly means. Where do these numbers come from exactly? There can’t be less players than part 1 achievements. Am I missing something?

SteamSpy is scraping data… it’s horribly inaccurate. It is useful to compare one game to another because both of their data is wrong in similar ways. But it doesn’t know that a ton of units came from a deep sale on one game and not another. I basically ignore SteamSpy.

See for how SteamSpy generally works and about this margin of error.

I don’t understand. I haven’t seen any player numbers, the achievements are only shown as percentage?

steamspy shows 82K owners and 67K players (81%), which is less than 90%…

Owner means it’s in your library (which could also happen during such free weekend promotions, i.e. just temporary).
Not sure where exactly the ‘player total’ comes from but it doesn’t say 82k owners, it says:

  • Owners: 82,857 ± 8,711
  • Players total: 67,292 ± 7,851 (81.21%)

(the margins are larger than 10%)