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AI Neural Net upscaling of old pixel backgrounds


Actually guys, Monkey Island 3 brought up the best results and looks amazing 2K 4K, it can be used as beta version for a test. :smiley::smile:

check this out :open_mouth:


That greatly exceeded my wildest expectations. Sure, it’s higher res than MI2 and all, but damn. :slight_smile:


here you can compare different AI models that draws the image.
I used Main Street image from TWP.

From Original to 10K resolution
Download it and zoom in!


We have MI2 original backgrounds, so in case of a new remake I’d prefer to see those used but still, very nice. How hard is this to setup? Do you need to know programming?


All images can be upscaled pretty easy, hard part is to make a code that will be supported for HD resolutions.
i.e. scumm MI2

to set up the ESRGAN you need to install all correctly, otherwise you will have problems. Installment is the crucial part. python and packages that are needed to run the code. We did lots google-ling till we reached the result. Follow the git page steps.


Goodness. Those upscaled images are all I’ve ever wanted from a Curse of Monkey Island remaster. Hopefully someone at least makes a compiler or something!


I don’t know how problematic it would be to add support for HD graphics to ScummVM without breaking anything.
But eventually we want ScummVM to support the Special Editions of MI1 and MI2 anyway.

If someone makes this work then it wouldn’t be hard to use our own custom HD graphics and hopefully the same for CoMI too…


I am very opened to it… if there is anybody who wants to try it out… let me know, I will help with the artworks.


I’m all in for that!
The first issue I see is upscaling the verb coin.
:thinking: I wonder what date the AI is going to put there.

[Edit: solved!]


Y2K!!! :scream:


I am trying to find back the thread in which we discussed the year Monkey Island takes place… but I couldn’t find it back.
Perhaps for the best, as we’d risk going off topic.


Was that an off topic in another one (impossible to find) or was it in the title? I think it was in the title. Wasn´t it one of Zak´s topics? @ZakPhoenixMcKracken


well, if there are skillful coders that would like to try first HD version of MI2, create a new topic and talk about it over there. (i guess, this is gonna be live till Ron kicks us out :sweat_smile::joy:


I was just browsing CMI files to see if I could get at least the first HD screen back in… and I found this nice piece of built-in art

I say we drop the whole AI Neural upscaling and try to revive those instead!


well, … first you need to make sure, you are able to import it back in and see it.
Just export one image, scale it up 3x in any software, make a huge X over it as mark, and import it back in. See, if it works in original game with HD res.

I still recommend to create a new topic for this.


Here! :point_down:


just in case you wanna give it some headaches here are the links for step by step:

now I am building up another AI custom models from 5000 images of Disney movies


Could this technology be used on sprites as well?


yes…any art


So technically, as long as filenames and extensions are correct with Curse of Monkey Island, you could just overwrite and import all the room art and sprite art back into the game correct?