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C64 Text Adventure in honor of the Thimbleweed13


In honor of the Thimbleweed 13, we turned your library books into a C64 text adventure.

You can play it by downloading this disk and running it in an emulator:

You can also run it in your browser with this link: and clicking through to the emulator site.

Thanks to the original authors, I hope you’re OK with this. @cvalenti, @ZakPhoenixMcKracken, @Guga, @nh_cham




Thank you very much!
I consider this my personal Christmas gift from you! :smile:


Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks, you’re the best!

High five from Berlin!

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I get an error on the browser, Sound Buffer Overflow.

I’ll try again later on my Vice :slight_smile: thanks!

I’m getting that same error on my iPhone, but it works on my laptop.

I’m guessing that Vice is not compatible with ios, the game itself has no sound… yet. :thinking:


For some reason I can’t enter 0 (zero) using the online version (tried it with Chrome), it writes 2 instead (also using some numbers in the main menu brings me to different points in the story, this may be there for testing?).

There seems to be a bug when choosing 1-B-B-A:
It brings me to RING THE DOORBELL instead of a prompt (and letting me read the text).

Thanks, I’ll check it out when I get a chance. I was in a rush to upload that before Xmas so it’s possible I put the wrong version up.

On the main menu, you can also type O or zero for Options. I did add some of the other numbers in for testing and figured it wouldn’t hurt to leave those in. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also noticed the online version doesn’t map the C64 keyboard to a modern layout. It took me a second to remember that SHIFT-2 is the quotation mark symbol, since the one on my keyboard didn’t work.
Funny how I can’t remember anyone’s names anymore, but those Commodore key commands are embedded in my brain. :laughing:

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Great, thanks!

I’m not used to the C64 keyboard but using a German key layout this was easy for me :slight_smile:
(actually I’m sitting in front of a Portuguese keyboard right now but the row with digits is the same).

Yes, I was confused too. :wink: On a German keyboard SHIFT+2 produces actually the quotation mark symbol ". :slight_smile:

Here is the VICE keyboard mapping:

Taken from the German C64 Wiki:

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Hmm… that must be a custom Ron Gilbert model. I don’t remember having a skull & crossbones key.

And note that there is now even the ANY KEY! :wink:

Great! No more searching!


Nice… That scene literally happened back when I was teaching my mom how to use the computer.

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Now The Joy keys on the number pad make me think of this:


I think my favourite part of that episode where they play that christian board game and Ned keeps dropping to Bart all those near impossible to pronounce hebrew name as if it were nothing.:grin:

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OK… the bug has been fixed. The new version is at the same links as above. Though you may have to refresh your browser if you’re going through that way.

now to make it work with Graphics BASIC…

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