Someone made videos of ALL the voicemail messages

I just can’t believe this. :astonished:

Someone called all the numbers of the phone book having an answering machine and made 26 videos of it, one for each A-Z section.

The YouTube playlist:


Next, you tell me someone transcribed all the books from the library and wrote them down somewhere…

Jokes apart, sooner or later I’ll develop my real IndexTron software, strictly for personal use.

Ron should also develop a real IndexTron software and sell it as a DLC for a few bucks, for those who would like to search the library corpus.

That is incredible. And oddly addicting to listen to in the background.

I thought you already know it’s more or less one flat text file :slight_smile: (for the non-pickable ones)

No, I didn’t know. I have not explored the HD directories nor the ggpack files, yet.

I didn’t believe that someone (not Someone) could have had the time to do this!!
Anyway… that’s incredible!


For a fistful views more… starring Clint Eastwood a-reno

Now that must have been some work. The playlist is 9.38 hours long!

Hm, this would be quite a strange playlist for listening to when going to bed…

Bah, that´s nothing. Every night before I go to bed I play a round of Polybius, read from the Necronomicon and watch the Ring Tape!

Interesting. But still, nearly 2000 voices talking to you is nothing you should underestimate.
Especially when it contains voices like this: 1554

I can´t listen to that one in the game right now, could you give me a pointer to where I can find it in the playlist?

I don´t know if it´s the average sound quality or some of the breathing sounds, but I think many of the voice messages sound unintentionally creepy, like voices from beyond the grave or something.

But normally they are actual persons. Not in this case… It’s pure evil!

Someone (or maybe @Someone :slight_smile: ) should tell the YouTube guy (Schorchgrinder) to add an index to every video with name + time code. I couldn’t find it quickly, so you have to call it in the game later.

Letter would be enough for a start (unless it´s something like e or s then I´d probably take ages).

First time I looked I was actually expecting time codes, I mean when you´ve reached this level of madness already why not go all the way?

Don’t worry, it’s neither E nor S. It’s just the letter with the video having the longest playtime.

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Ah, then forget about it. Though I´ve probably forgotten the number by the time I play again.

And the forum just scolded me for talking to you too much, eh…

That is a creepy one.

Pure evil: 1554
I’ve also found this message with an awesome, Russian-like heavy accent: 4045
And here are two cute ones: 8642, 6505

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Thank you!

1554: It´s a snoring cat!
4045: Considering this is 1987 that guy better not ask for nuclear vessels on the streets of San Francisco
8642: That´s really nice, sounds like an austrian accent!