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I like the idea of a split screen, but it’s difficult to make it look harmonic.
On the dev blog, they postet photos from their working places. Of course, we could create images based on these photos. But I would prefer to use graphics from TWP, because it’s easier and more recognizable. Also, it looks better - and they appear in TWP anyway.

I thought about an unobtrusive 2-frames alternation, e. g. hand lifted <-> hand laid down.


I like this idea!

Ron --> Seattle --> speaking from that place with the Mr. Rainier on the background

Gary --> [unknown] --> speaking from Maniac Mansion’s room with the radio

David --> San Francisco --> speaking from Zak’s bedroom

Arranged in a three-windows fashion, like a TV show, as you pointed out!


So what about the one episode that had Boris as a guest? Use a backround from Gabriel Knight 2? :laughing:


Good point. Same “problem” for the other guests, like Jenn, Octavi, Mark, Robert.
We should find a proper location for each of them!


I’m not sure about the legal situation, if we used screens from other games (including the SCUMM games).


There are enough seats at the diner. In the background, you can see Sandy & Dave. They were never more than 4 people, if I remember correctly. And, during podcasts in which they are only in a threesome, agent Ray could sit aside smoking. There could also be Ron’s dog Pep in the foreground on the floor. Also, we wouldn’t need to use material from other companies.


Do we have animated heads from them? And AFAIK they have no bodies… (but maybe we can show them in a window or something?)


We could create bodies based on photos of them.


Do you people really prefer perceiving them separated by miles instead of chatting in the same room?

What did it feel to you when you first listened to the podcasts?


Yes. Because they are/were not in the same room.

That Gary is far, far away and David is sitting somewhere behind Ron. (Seriously!)


Yes, the impression (judging only by listen to them) is that they are far away each other, and in different location (there are different levels of acoustic).


No, I´d be fine with them all sitting at a desk at the radio station.

Also they´re depictions of their younger selfs and in real life they´re not pixelated. My suspension of disbelief tolerates them being in the same room as well.


That’s unfortunately true. We must consider this.
So, I think our idea of showing the characters using backgrounds taken from other games, MAY lead to some troubles.
Let’s stick to rooms taken from Thimbleweed Park, then. So we are sure that the authors gave us permission to use them (…did they? :sweat_smile:)
The diner could be a nice location.
As for the missing bodies and animations, we will create them.


How can you tell? Did you ever meet any of them?


To clarify: It would fine for me too. For me even only showing the heads would be enough. :slight_smile:


I met Ron Gilbert in person once, and it was pixelated at a very high level of definition, I must say, it was almost REAL !


What´s the name of that particular fallacy again?

Anway, I was really very close. I almost went to munich earlier this year.

All of this reminds me of the ending of the original kickstarter video.


I perceived them in different places, they pointed out it many times, also I was already used to skype conferences so it was quite normal to think of them in different locations.


David´s office looks real nice, I love all that wood!

Also we now know why there is a Temple Of Doom poster there.

Because he´s “in it”! :slight_smile:


And also the light from the roof window. It seems very confortable.

Anyway, mine was just an idea. I know that it is very difficult to distinguish every speaker with a different background which recalls his location. Afterall, the fictional space of Thimbleweed Park is a virtual one, like that of the skype conferences. Maybe we could add some (digital) clocks under or over each seat (in the radio station or in the diner) with the location and the different local time.