So you guys, were you in Lucasfilm Movies, too?

IMDb says “Ron Gilbert was an extra in Ewoks: The Battle Of Endor”.

Thimbleweed Park says he was an extra in Howard The Duck (presumably one of the crowd scenes with Lea Thompsons Band).

While I´d taken each of those on their own not really to be true (imdb inacurate and TwP to be just kidding) the combination of both leads me to believe that both might actually true.

So did you Lucasfilm Games guys do some minor extra work in movies, too?

What´s next David Fox at the Berlin book burning in Last Crusade?
Gary Winnick voicing a dinosaur in Land Before Time?


It’s true. From time to time there’d be a casting call for extras or whatever.

My body wasn’t in any of the Lucasfilm movies, but my scream was. There’s a scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Indy’s crossing a rope bridge above a river filled with alligators. People fall off the bridge, scream, and die. Master sound designer Ben Burtt asked for people to volunteer to scream. When it was my turn, I walked over to his small sound studio. It was darkened (so people wouldn’t feel as self-conscious), and he then put headphones over my ears (maybe so I couldn’t hear myself yelling, but could still hear him). Then he directed me to scream in various ways… as if I were getting shot in the stomach with an arrow, falling off a bridge, etc.

I was hoarse for the rest of the day but felt strangely elated and relaxed. I know there was a New Age therapy called Primal Scream. I think that’s what I experienced. I actually heard my voice (I think) when I watched the film.


I think yours was the very first scream in this clip :smiley:

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Oh nice, so you´re actually imortalized along with a Wilhelm Scream (not in your video but can be heard just after that when the crocodiles are chewing on the Thugees)!

I actually know of the primal scream therapy. John Lennon famously used it on the Plastic Ono Band Album (can be heard on songs like “Mother”).

That´s one of those fun facts and anecdotes I was looking for, thanks!

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Sometimes it helps if you join a progressive metal band…

The last high pitched one at 2:30 ?? :slight_smile:

How cool!