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YouTube did that already. These parts are marked in the (converted) SRT files, for example:

00:00:06,560 --> 00:00:12,780

00:00:09,650 --> 00:00:15,360
hi I'm Ron Gilbert I'm here winning and

00:00:12,780 --> 00:00:17,640
this is our first stand-up meeting

You could write a script that removes all rows except the ones above a line with “[music]”. With this approach you have the times for the music.

If you would like to have the SRT files, please send me a PM.


Interesting. That’s a good point. I could use the YouTube original, unaltered transcripts as input to the podcast_animate script, for certain information (like this).

@Sushi, do the other original files from YouTube, (not the retimed ones after your cleanup) work like this as well?


@Sushi has a program he uses to pull these down as the start to his transcript updates, and we already share a git repo, so he could just start checking these in.


I’m not Sushi but: You mean the original VTT files? If yes, then yes, they include the informations as well:

00:00:06.560 --> 00:00:12.780 align:start position:19%

00:00:09.650 --> 00:00:15.360 align:start position:19%
hi<c.colorE5E5E5><00:00:10.650><c> I'm</c></c><c.colorCCCCCC><00:00:10.889><c> Ron</c></c><c.colorE5E5E5><00:00:11.099><c> Gilbert</c></c><c.colorCCCCCC><00:00:11.309><c> I'm</c><00:00:11.880><c> here</c></c><c.colorE5E5E5><00:00:12.150><c> winning</c><00:00:12.480><c> and</c></c>

In the exported TXT files there is only a hint to the music without the times:

hi I'm Ron Gilbert I'm here winning and
this is our first stand-up meeting


Thanks. What I meant was - does the initial music seems to be detected in all the podcast original “auto-transcripts” that Sushi has used so far. I’m wondering if YouTube is reliable with the music detection or not, or if we need to depend on a manual step to deal with it (which I’m trying hard to avoid). I believe Sushi has downloaded all 3 caption formats (or could), for all the podcasts already with the script/program he uses for that.


This is brilliant!
The only extra effort might be caused by the podcasts with a special guest then.


The podcasts are containing the names of the speakers. So a script could pre-process the podcasts and “detect” how many speakers are there. :slight_smile:


So, the way I’ve written podcast_animate is that I pre-parse Sushi’s transcript (which has all the speaker names), and then I know all the Speakers for that podcast. I determine the speaker layout depending on how many there are, and load their image data based on their name (directories are named after the speaker name used in the transcripts). This next part isn’t yet implemented but the plan is, if I can’t find image data, I will default the “Guest” speaker using some default mechanism, so the animation will work, but have some “placeholder” speaker image, or maybe make it funnier, like have the guest speakers talk from off the edge of the screen, or something…


Well actually, I got these srt files from @Someone, so ican add them on git. No need to rerun those.


Oh cool, I didn’t realize (or remember) @Someone was the source for those captions for you. Thanks, @Someone!


I’ll add them to git in a minute


How about we do our own weekly podcast? Use something like a google hangouts group, talk about mighty interesting stuff like californian weather and someone records it and puts it online? Would that be in any way doable? Anyone interested if that were the case?


After a bit of a hiatus (things got pretty busy at work and home), I have Demo 4 available for the podcast_animate script. It’s now able to play any of the 8 podcasts we have transcripts for. I still haven’t coded the eye movement, but you will notice many other improvements. I used podcast 7 for this run.




To me it’s very pleasant to listen, to read… and to understand!


I can just second @ZakPhoenixMcKracken: This is really great! Great work!


and the soft lights on their heads, it’s a nice touch! Really congratulations!


That´s amazing. That pan at the beginning is fantastic!

One thing though. Would it be possible to make the font look more like the one in the game. The way it looks now just feels a bit off to me, but everything else is brilliant!


I’ve only been sporadically ogling this thread but this is amazing. I’m in awe of you guys :heart_eyes:


I just finally clicked on the video link on this post. Yes, I had completely forgotten about this excerpt from the end of the Kickstarter video. I seem to remember now having an instant uncontrollable urge to increase my backer contribution when I saw this.