Are TWP players young and where are the older players?

An off-topic discussion in another thread (starting here) made me think about the age of the typical TWP player. Most users in this forum are grown ups (Ok, Ok, only sometimes), but still very young? And much younger than the devs (sorry Ron and David :slight_smile: )? Or am I wrong?

It seems that most of us are mid 20 to beginning 40. Which leads me to the question: Is that the age of a typical TWP player?

Maniac Mansion was released in 1987. If one was 20 years old at that time, he would be now 51. So I would assume that here should be more people of that age (and older) around? Or in other words: Does TWP attract (only) young adults?

/etc: To determine how old we are actually in this forum, I created a(n anonymous) poll. So please tell us how old are you at the moment:

  • 0 - 9
  • 10 - 15
  • 16 - 19
  • 20 - 29
  • 30 - 39
  • 40 - 49
  • 50 - 59
  • 60 - 69
  • 70 - 71
  • 80 - 81
  • 90 and up

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My dad played it. But he was almost 40 when the old games were out and people his generation often seemed to have an ambivalent relationship with computers so he might be an exception.

I´d say that is untypical though. My guess is that the average starts at early to mid 30s. So there is probably a ten to 15 year range above that for the average age here.

Have we done a poll on that, yet?


No. Should we start a new thread for that or should I add a poll in my (first) post?

I think TWP can be enjoyed by people of ages between 7 and 77, like any good old board game.

Also there was a lot more and younger people involved in TWP dev than just “the 4 old men”. People who grew up playing their games or fell in love with the genre after discovering them some years later.

Compared to other games, I am sure TWP has a much more mature audience.


Yes, but it’s remarkable that most forum members seem to be 30 - 40.

A relative of mine is 70. He likes playing adventure games (since the 80s) but he wouldn’t/won’t play TWP. But there were many friends at my age who said: Great, let’s play it! And most younger people (=children) had parents who showed them TWP. I doubt that they would have played TWP even if they had discovered it in a shop or in a Let’s play video…

Now, the age of the average person on the forum, is probably skewed compared to the population of TWP players
I am sure the mental age here is between 19 and 20. :slight_smile:


That’s the question. :slight_smile:

I would say no, because here are the people who love(d) TWP and thus the representative average of the target audience. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that valid for a lot of people over 50 too? :wink:


I think we have also a lot of Monkey Island fans here (ok, that matches for a big part with the TWP audience, but still Ron once mentioned he wasn’t sure he was reaching that demographic well enough).

Seeing that the Nintendo Switch is a device that younger people are more likely to have/invest in and that the TWP sales for the Switch beat that of Steam… I think a more interesting poll question would be “On which platform do/did you play TWP?”


Only the cool ones! :sunglasses:


The results are here:


I think it’s enough if you add the poll to the first post.


That is true. @boosegoose and @robert.megone should both be somewhere around my age as well.

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slightly off-topic but I can’t help it…

It’s never too late:




And @jenn of course!

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And @OctaviNavarro too?

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Octavario possible, but I thought that Jenn was at least more around the age of Zak?

I just turned 16 last Friday… My DOB is 27/7/2002


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Happy belated birthday!
I guess you must be youngest around then (we were all born in the previous century) :slight_smile:

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