Poll: I've played TWP on this OS

I’m curious on which OS you have played TWP actually. You can chose one or more answers. I’ve played TWP on Windows and Linux.

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • X-Box
  • Will play it on iOS
  • Will play it on Android
  • Will play it on PS4
  • Will play it on Switch
  • Something else (name the OS in the comments)

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You forget Switch

Oops, thanks, added.

btw: Do you have a statistic about the most used OS (considering all installations, not only the ones on Steam)?

Windows by a huge margin. I’ll see if I can get actual stats.

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Played on Windows, will play on PS4.

I´d be curious to know if Nintendo have losened their family friendly politics rules since 1990 when porting Maniac Mansion to the NES was a living hell. Some games they have released since then at least seem to suggest that.

They have, but now all developers (even female ones) must grow a mustache, wear an overall and talk with a heavy Italian accent.


They relaxed those policies a very long time ago. Mortal Kombat II released on the SNES with no censoring, for instance. Then there’s Conker’s Bad Fur Day, which relased on the N64. Despite the cuddly-looking main character, the game is rated M in the US.

And more recently, Nintendo financed the development of Bayonetta 2, a game with a main character known for striking plenty of risque poses.

The Nintendo that demanded substantial changes to Maniac Mansion is long gone.

Is there plans to have the game sync between devices on iOS?

I meant to bring that up but wasn´t sure which part that was that actually had blood. The first one didn´t and so Sega used the fact that they had blood (albeit with a code needed to unlock it) as a selling point.

Also I think there was Doom for SNES, Resident Evil 2 and Goldeneye for N64. So it appears that things changed very drastically after Maniac Mansions initial Nintendo release. So TwP should see no problems like that for the Switch.

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blood on bullet impacts is removed, though given the lack of censorship in all other aspects of the content, as well as the lack of bullet puffs, it is likely that this was done for performance reasons rather than as any attempt to tone down the game’s violence.

I also only a while ago read that the blood from the SNES port of Another World/Out Of This World was dyed green or something. This is definitly not true, at least not for the version I played back then.

Why can I only select 7 choices? I need to select all 9!


Can I change this without resetting the whole poll?

But…when you select option number 9, what OS will you write in the comments?

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If you use Haiku with WINE, React OS, macOS with WINE, Raspberry Pi (Ok, this would be in most cases Linux), or other odd combinations …



It’s obviously the C64 version.


I am unable to vote, because I played it on both Linux and Windows.

Just check Linux and Windows in the poll and click on “Vote now!”

(And if someone could tell me how I change the maximum number of choices without losing the current results, I will allow to check all 9 choices and not only 7. :))