Autism & RP Games

Some among us may be on the spectrum and you will not even know it. I’m an Autism Parent and a long time old school Game Master, writer and coder. Reading and writing is a great way to open up the minds of children and adults allowing them to better express themselves as a knight, warrior, etc. I wrote this awhile ago about how role-playing opens a whole new world in being able to write and socialize. The content is still very relevant. Maybe you know someone on the spectrum or their parent(s) who can benefit:


Very interesting! :+1:

May I ask which types of autism you are referring to? You wrote only “spectrum”, but there are many different kinds of autism out there. Have you tested your RPG with these different kinds of autism?

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@boosegoose describes herself as being on the spectrum. Too bad she´s not active on here anymore.

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Autism is more common than we all might think. If we hear the word “autism” we think of the movie “Rain Man”. But for example the Asperger Syndrome (a “mild” autism variant) is more common and a lot of people have it without knowing it.


You´re preaching to the choir, man. I come from a thearpist family and my mum has seen all sorts. So I know about all that. :slight_smile:

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Usually this can work with those who are higher functioning and maybe some moderates. Each case is unique.


As a woman with Aspergers I have always been drawn to RP games as a child. I like clearly defined roles and always found it preferable because there were rules for character behaviour that I didn’t have in real life to follow.


Boosegoose, thanks for sharing, that is an excellent example of how RPGs can work.