What about a TWP-Forum Game Jam?

As the totality of us is into videogames (otherwise, why are you here?) and good majority of us are into game design…

…why don’t we organize some small game jam once in a while?

It could be something TWP-related (like, a small adventure game spin-off on one of the characters) or even completely unrelated, but it might be interesting, I think.

Who would take part in such a project? If we were to say “ok, each of us has a week from now to make a small game with this topic / characteristics”, would you participate?


For the ladies and the fame.

Depends on what I could do. I´m probably the least tech geek from all of you.


Nah, that would be me :wink:
But I’ll happily play all the entries and give feedback!


I would, but one week seems awfully short if you have never done that before (I still didn’t make a single room in AGS because I can’t draw if my life depended on it).

Well, that was just an example :smiley: we might create teams, settle for a longer time range, whatever. It’s just an aid to me to get back to making games :stuck_out_tongue:

Voice acting, of course.


So bascially I have to wait till you´re all down with everything, right? Fine by me.

Meanwhile, prepare your voice and your skill:

tre tigri contro tre tigri
(Three tigers against three tigers)

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Forget it, I will speak no more italian.

And how many of those R’s are rolled? :upside_down_face:


Tre tigri contro tre tigri is one of the most famous Italian tongue twisters. That’s veeeery difficult to say even for a native speaker.

I meant… how dare you go off-topic on MY *beeping* topic! :ransome:


Oops, we’re very good at that, aren’t we? :sweat_smile:



Nope it’s me!

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I’m in, but I haven’t much spare time. So it could be a long jam. :wink:

One person with little time = Long jam.
Many persons with little time = Quick Jam.

Simple math.

At the moment we have due sviluppatore and one attore, if I’m right. This doesn’t sound like a quick jam. :wink:

But like a fun festino!

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It’s a Thimbleberry Jam! :blush: