Thimbleweed Park Role-playing Game 🎲

Note: This thread started as a private session in a pm between @tasse-tee @someone and me. I had the idea to make a role-playing game in the forum based on the Thimbleweed Park universe. I was the DM and the other two were the players. I mainly made up some basic rules and we used the forum software dice to play. I thought now that we are done with it, it may be interesting for others to take a look at the story that unfolded and maybe in the future you are interested to join possible following play sessions, too! :slight_smile:

And this is how we played:

Basic rules:

In general I just tell you the story, what you see where you can go, who you talk to and what your goals are. Sometimes there is a test of skill that is determined by die throws. All your skills have a base of three and added to that the number of one die determines how good you are at something. Each objective will have a preset number that you have to be higher at if you want to suceed. The greater your basic talent the higher the chances of reaching that number even if you throw a low die.

First Steps:

First you fill out he below forms. Throw one die and at to the bases of three. During the game you may increase your experience by suceeding at a certain thing and then beating your current number with a die throw. If you do that you may increase your talent by one making the chances of sucess later in the game more likely. Next you choose a special talent out of these. Computers, Working with Tools OR Book Knowledge. When your objective is in any way related to those you may add +3 to your die throw making the chances of sucess even higher.


The story takes place in Thimbleweed Park weeks before the events of the game.

Character Sheets

Character @tasse-tee @someone
Name Hazel Wilson Brian Hoskins
See hidden things 18 16
Persuation 9 16
Luck 20 9
Athleticism 11 15
Special Talent Working with tools = +3 Book Knowledge =+3
Inventory Purse containing 21,50$, Blank piece of paper, 1 partly eaten Schweinshaxe,1 Bottle of Bear Repellent, Flashlight with 2 Batteries inside, Thimbleberry Pie Purse containing 25,05$, 1 partly eaten Schweinshaxe, 1 Tube, 1 Bottle of Bear Repellent.


You two have just left the bus station. You both came on seperate busses, but you cannot remember why. You have a faint memory of who you are and what you are good at and you seem to think you two have seen each other before. After a short talk you decide to find out together what brought you here so you take a look around the bus station. In the wastebin is a newspaper of today. On the bench a homeless man is lying asleep. It is just before nightfall. You feel a little hungry, but don´t know your way around town.

What will you do next?


That was quick :smile:
Just to check: to fill in the form, each feature is “3 + [dice roll]”? Except for the special talent, where we pick from the three options.

Exactly. I would say roll one d20 for a start. So if you have 16 for your Persuation you write down 19. If I ask for a 15 or higher to get an NPC to do something for you, you win and that person does what you asked of them. If your special talent can help you with something in any way that makes sense you can add another 3 if needed.

I thought he had established you played new characters not from the game? Also it is set months before the agents come to town.

Also I made this a wiki post so you can easily write those yourself into the post above.

Did you use a real die? We have discobot for that:

@discobot roll d20

Maybe I roll for you later so it won´t get to confusing.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Ah, ok then. And I’ll write them in the table.
I used, but maybe discobot can do that too.

@discobot roll 1d20

:game_die: 12

Done :slight_smile: Over to you, @Someone.
(If the numbers are too high to start with, I can reduce one of them.)

Ok, here we go: :slight_smile:

What does the talent “Book Knownledge” cover? That I know already the content of a lot of books or that I’m able to handle and find books (more quickly)?

And to fill my character sheet I have to roll one dice four times (so I can’t change the inventory).

@discobot roll 4d20

:game_die: 13, 13, 6, 12

It means you know a lot of theoretical stuff. Pretty much everything outside of the computer skill.

Ok, I’ll try that skill. :slight_smile:

@tasse-tee: Your turn. :slight_smile:

Look at the newspaper.

Do I have to name my action now or do I have to wait until something happened?

Maybe it’s better to wait. One person’s action might open up more options for both of us :slight_smile:
(Unless the newspaper was actually a bomb, in which case, I’m already dead.)

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But you are good at tools so you might be able to disarm the bomb. :slight_smile:

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The newspaper raves mostly all about Chuck´s latest and greatest achievements.
There are also seem some crazy conspiracy theories by a journalist who obviously seems to be desperate for attention.
It seems someone ripped a page out.

Wake up the the homeless man.

Homeless Man: …what, where…who are you…what do you want from me?