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Backup/transfer savegame / Android

I have a new phone and need to transfer the save game from old to new. How can I do this? I think I read somewhere you have to have root? which I do not want to do…

If you have enabled the Google automatic backup, you have not to worry about it: in your new phone, all the apps, settings, phonebook entries will be automatically transferred.

I don’t think this is the case for application data though, unless the particular app has this cloud save feature. When I move to a new phone, all my contacts , apps download automatically, however non of the data.

Which Android version do you have on your old phone ?

Both Nougat

So no way to backup/transfer save games? This is very annoying…

Maybe you should contact the TWP support, maybe they know a way to transfer and backup your save games.

There was a possible solution posted in another thread, maybe this will help:

My post was deleted ?

Sorry, I was deleting a bunch of spam, yours might have got deleted accidentally. Repost.

There were quite some spam posts about backup tools and yours probably looked a little bit like one, especially since it was your only post on this forum.

Was yours about “Android backup tool” and without any link?
It was a little bit generic, did you mean the Google backup functionality?

The save files are located in “data/data/com.terribletoybox.thimbleweedparkandroid/files” but you will need root access to get to them.

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