Transfer save games?

Is it possible to transfer the save games from Steam/Mac OS to iOS? (maybe over iCloud drive?)

(maybe even to the switch?)

Saves are compatible, you just have to get them on there somehow.

I think remembering Ron saying he uses iExplorer when transferring files to iOS for testing.

Correct. I used it to extract saved games from my iPad, so I suppose that it would let you write a save game as well. I don’t know if there is additional metadata needed in some index, though.

The tool doesn’t appear to work with final game dowloaded from the App Store. It seems to only work with pre-shipped (TestFlight) games.

Awwww! Bummer. :frowning:

By the way, are iCloud saves planned for a future update, or are you ready to give up on this game finally and move on to other things?

Once Android is done, I will look at them again. I’d live it a 20% chance of happening.

Thanks Ron!

btw: is there some iOS to iOS Save file sync?

If i start to play on my iPad, can i continue on my iPhone?

No, that’s the iCloud support I was talking about. I’ll look at it when Android is done, but it’s not guaranteed.

Hi Ron,
what about using iTunes file sharing ? It is just an option to activate in your info.plist file and will allow people to manage files stored in Document folder.
I’m using this for some iOS app I’m developing and it is quite handy.

I’ll look into it. I wrote it off a while ago, but didn’t go deep with it.

I’m remembering why I abandon this but I can work around it. One issue with adding it now is the save game files will need to be in the Documents folder, but they are currently in the Library folder, so I have to come up with some tricky (error prone) way to copy them over. Not rocket science, but I might want to invest that time in proper iCloud saves.

I vote for spending the effort and time (if any) on iCloud saves. :+1:


I would suggest to do a simple approach:

  1. Write file in both folders
  2. If one file is missing in one folder, write it in the other (documents -> library and library-> documents)

This way it will be easy, does not require migration dedicated code and allow both saves extraction and import through documents folder.

I think you can also tag the documents folder for cloud sync without specific processing

No need to do this. When the save load screen is opened, just copy all the savegame files in Library to Documents, then remove them. Should only ever happen once. It’s just dangerous when you delete user data. Requires a lot of testing.

Then don’t delete files from the Library folder. It shouldn’t hurt to leave them there.

That’s true. I can look in Documents first, and if I find them there, use them. I only worry that if users hand delete the files from Documents, then the old one from Library will come back. Maybe that’s not a issue. Hopefully this will all be moot and I can find the time to just do cloud saves.

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:delores: Go, Ron, Go! You can do it! :woman_cartwheeling:

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This would make an awesome game even more awesome!

Where are Savegames located on Android? Are they compatible with PC/Steam saves too?
I’d like to play on Android and PC simultaneously, manually syncing savegames.