Ben Daglish passed away

I loved his music in many Commodore 64 games. The Last Ninja was epic. He was only 52 :disappointed:



And here he is performing that very metal tune with an live band (himself playing the flute).


That is awesome. Thank you for posting it!

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To me, Firelord was the best music score on the C64 (yes, better than the Last Ninja)

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Kettle was my favourite music from him (I also liked Hades Nebula). Trap, in the demo, was an experience. C64 games often were rough, stupid and wild, the music often was mesmerising, the gameplay (by todays standards) was shit but everything was still new and therefore exciting.


That lower line at 1:25 should be used in physics class to explain frequencies and pitch.
I love the music! The number of views those videos get is way too low.

One of my favorites on the C64 is this loader by Jonathan Dunn:

I can clearly remember I kept loading the game just to listen to it, then I recorded it on a tape using a Grunding tape recorder and played it non-stop :smiley:


ah yes! We had that one on original tape too.
I like how this youtube video shows the insane amount of time we had to wait for the loader to start playing music.
Also… that game was so hard, that you typically spend more time looking at the loader than actually playing it.

I also thought the graphics of the loader was pretty amazing. A couple of years ago I got into C64 ASM programming and I realized how amazing those people were. There are so many memory restrictions that it’s really really hard to draw what you really want on screen. If I think about The Last Ninja or Rocket Ranger I am really in awe.

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Makes you feel bad about pirating, doesn’t it?

Totally. Since I started earning money, I always bought original software.