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Dave's theme (NES version of Maniac Mansion) metal cover!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there’s an amazing metal cover (yes metal) of Dave’s theme from Maniac Mansion made by die hard fans of yours @LameGenieVGM (who incidentally played and finished Thimbleweed Park first weekend it came out)

Any other tracks you guys would like to hear? They’re a local band to me, I love them dearly, and am a patreon so I can request that sort of thing lol.


Oh and they covered my favorite game of all time!


The MI2 theme rocks! :metal:

How can it have only 132 visualizations? Time to share!

Your embedded link doesn’t seem to work for me. This does:

It sounds pretty '80s. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t remember this theme or that kids had themes at all - maybe it’s on NES only? Anyway, as for cover version, Zak McKracken would be cool. Part of it are pretty metal already.


Loom! :joy:

Seriously, the themes to Zak and Maniac Mansion.

And for something non-Lucasfilm/arts: Skate or Die!

(All C64 versions of them obviously)


Thanks so much for fixing the link.

LOOM! I love that game! That’s all Tchaikovsky tho lol but it’d be pretty sweet. And I live sk8ordie!
I’ll definitely suggest these and Zak.


Jeff’s theme!!

I grew up with a C64 and wasn’t familiar with the NES version of MM. In recent years I found out that it has many fans, who love it’s soundtrack. While I can’t get used to Maniac Mansion with music, I like some of the themes.
IMHO Jeff’s theme is great; here it is played by its composer, George Sanger (The Fat Man), & Team Fat:

And how it sounds on the NES:


Me too! I think the silence adds to the suspense in the C64 version. Just the footsteps, grandfather clock ticking, and the occasional door opening sets the tone well.

But this surf-rock version of Jeff’s theme is pretty cool… Thanks for posting!


Great suggestion! I’ll definitely ask. I forgot about his theme lol. My main experience playing MM is via PC (originally on my IBM PCjr) but I did recall the music in the Nintendo version as did Lame Genie obviously.

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