Oh the memories

I’ve just got a c64 and loading Zak brings back so many fond memories. For me it’s a big road trip down memory lane… but wife rolled her eyes, and my kiddo is still too young to get it. However I know people here would share the sentiment :slight_smile: time for another playthrough!..


Yes! With a joystick: the true SCUMM experience!

The only thing I miss when playing Zak on the new “the C64” is the buzzing of the 1541 while you play around with the snail cursor. What I don’t miss is keeping my fingers crossed it will not throw a “load error, please insert disk again and retry”.


Here I am! :heart:


Yes, it was the “pre-adventure” time!


I honestly don´t remember that happening all that much.

Yes, loading times are so fast you don´t ever actually see the snail in emulation now! But I do miss the buzzing sound as well. And it´s a shame you can´t hardly find that online, the closest we got is the ending of Thimbleweed Park and even for that I remember RG had to ask people for a sample because it´s not exactly available all over the web.

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The load error was the reason I could only finish zak on the C64 a few years later on a pirated copy. (The original disk had a bad sector- luckily only for the pyramid in Cairo, which you don’t need until the very end

The disk buzzing and snail icon also added to the suspense when sneaking around the Maniac Mansion. Also added some extra time to move the cursor back in the kitchen :sweat_smile:


Well, a widespread crack of Maniac Mansion is well-known for a disc error near the end.

Several C64 emulators are able to produce the (whole) sound of the drive. AFAIK you can turn on the “drive sound” in VICE and Denise.

I have an original Amiga and C64 but every attempt of “hey lets play on them again” over the years was quickly dismissed after realizing how awfully long the loading times have been back then. ^^

So nowadays I only play these games on a Raspberry Pi. I especially love the Pi400 for Amiga and C64 emulation. It´s just perfect.
And yes having the sounds of the drives makes a diffenrence, for me too.


Long life to Emulators!

Can a 100% confirm all of that though.

Was that the group with the Bald Eagle (diskette in mouth) that always had the Rush lyrics going through on the bottom while loading (except for Maniac Mansion funnily enough)? Can´t remember the name but that´s the one we had. It´s possible I never saw that because I never finished that particular version of the game. But the original boxed Zak we had ran without problems.

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My Maniac Mansion copy on C64, back then, was the one with the Eagle Soft Incorporated intro.
I often waited for the music intro to finish. It was incredible.


Yeah, that´s the one we had.

In case you haven’t seen it yet.


In my teen years, ProTracker was the most used tool I had on my Amiga.
Oh my… how many hours I spent on it!
“Hey Zak, wanna meet a new babe?”
“Nah, I’ve got better things to do!” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Familiar tune at 27:50

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