Do you play PnC adventures on a tablet? Can you suggest some?

I have purchased a tablet (Android) just to play games, navigate, pay bills, book hotels and transportation, etc. I have tried to work on it (writing, creating mind maps, etc.) but I really suck at pushing virtual keyboards. So I’ll use it mainly to play games while I travel.

I’m already playing Thimbleweed Park and I also have Machinarium and the first three chapters of the Blackwell series, but it would be nice to play a game that I have never played before (also, the Machinarium level in which you have to play an arcade game and shoot at stuff in a labyrinth drives me crazy).

Do you have Android PnC adventure games to suggest? I have found a few lists of them through Google, but I would appreciate any personal experience about how well the games behave on a touch screen.

I already knew that Thimbleweed Park worked like a charm on touch devices (I have played it a bit on my smartphone) but I’m not sure if other adventure games developed mainly for the desktop have been ported to touch devices in the same flawlessly way.

Thanks for any advice you will decide to give. :slight_smile:

I might be biased, but did you try Kill Yourself? :smiley:


Oh, right! I forgot! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion.

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I really enjoyed playing Monument Valley on my Android tablet. It’s kind of an arty sensory puzzle game - very serene and calming. There’s no real speed required so the controls are easy. It’s also pretty short. There are some in-app purchases to progress after a certain point though, IIRC.

Edit: GREAT SCOTT the second one’s out on Android! I’ve been waiting for that - thanks for inadvertently bringing it to my attention :smile:

Edit: oh, you said point and click. This isn’t point and click. READ THE QUESTION FIRST, KATIE.

That’s OK, I wanted to play Monument Valley anyway, I remember that I was intrigued by the gameplay dynamic and the surreal environments.

(it’s also on sale in this moment)

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Argh! The names of the game awards seem spoilers. :frowning:

I really enjoyed playing all 3 chapters of “The Journey Down” on a tablet.

Appending original post: Oh shoot! I checked too late, look like this one is still just iOS, not Android.

I enjoyed playing “Milkmaid of the Milky Way” on a tablet, and that is on Google Play.
Also “The Silent Age” was also very good.

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They’re meant as hints :smiley: it was needed, since I doubt some people would have even tried a particular solution if they didn’t suspect it could bring to that particular award.

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So, I’m on a train right now and I have just realized that I can’t play games here because I can’t concentrate: too many people energically talking, thinking that what they’re saying deserves to be listened on Mars as well.

Unfortunately I don’t have earbuds, now, but I’ll try them next time to see if they can prevent people from injecting sounds in my brain.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll go in business class to see if people behave differently. It would be ironic to resort to business class to play games.


I have that problem regularly too :rage::train2: :facepunch:

I’ve been considering playing Machinarium since various people have mentioned it - do you think it would play well on a mobile, or too fiddly?

I’ve never played adventures on a tablet, because the one we had in the household was too weak for this. But I played some classic adventures via ScummVM on my Android phone. It was okay-ish. :sweat_smile: I don’t think I’d want to play some, that are time-critical like Gabriel Knight 1, where I have to flee from the revived zombies. It was stressful with mouse and I’m not sure I’d be fast enough by just typing somewhere on screen.

Some games allow the player to keep his/her/it finger on the display. With this technique you would be faster with the finger. :slight_smile:

Those which are made for tablet, yes. Not sure ScummVM considers this on Android ports. :thinking: Though it would make sense.

I think that it would work perfectly on a tablet, but not very well on a small smartphone screen.

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You don’t need earbuds, just turn the volume way up! You’re welcome.

But please use Bluetooth speakers. (I wonder what happened to the boomboxes from the 80s… sissy youth…)

I haven’t tried it yet on the phone but according to several critics you can’t play Machinarium proper on a small smartphone screen.

They were turned off by rogue Vulcans.




The only PnC game I didn’t play on a computer or console was Hector: Badge of Carnage. I played with with my wife on her iPhone a handful of years ago.
It contains some adult language/humor so you may not want to play with your little kids.
I definitely recommend it.

i tend to do a reasonable amount of long haul travel for work, so my ipad + adventure games has been a god send.

ugh i had links with all these but apparently new users can only post 2 at a time…

here are a few i’ve enjoyed over recent months:

  • The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle
  • Kathy Rain
  • The Last Door
  • HM Spiffing
  • Agent A
  • Gemini Rue
  • The Blackwell series

i love detective stuff, and i thought these were good:

  • Layton Brothers Mystery Room
  • The Detail
  • Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders
  • Contradiction