Best villains in videogames

A few days ago Gamesradar published their list of top 30 videogame villains.

I was actually quite on board with number 1. Also check out number 21 :wink:

Did you agree with their ranking overall? Were there any villains you expected to see but weren’t there?

Well, I only played a few games from that list. Though, #21 is my personal number one, of course.

#12 is another reasonable one (no matter whether its ranking is appropriate). The way how they included the villain in this game (after we even see his corpse at the very beginning) was a great idea and I’ve also enjoyed that game in general! By the way, Mark Hamill did an amazing job there as well!

They forgot Dr. Fred and Edna, didn’t they?

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Oh yeah, Edna totally should’ve been on there. *shudder*

Well that list is exhaustive, I hardly see anything missing(though with many games I´d prefered to have screenshots from classic installments instead of the more later games like for Bowser, Ganon, Dracula and LeChuck of course).

  1. Is debatable if he´s really a villain or if the villain is actually yourself.

  2. Makes me wanna check out the New Colossus. I found her great in The New Order, even better than Deathshead and wanted to fight her too, but then she was gone. She even had a Hans Landa moment at one point, so it´s good to see they give her more time to shine in the sequel.

1: And once again I must admit my unfamiliarity with this series.

As for missing ones that are maybe more obscure…hmmmm…oh wait I got one: The Eye Of Adam from The Cat Lady! What a dick!

Blame Day Of The Tentacle. I think in hindsight they aren´t seen as villains by most. If anyone the meteor should be included, though!

Yes, likewise.

It’s one of my favourite game series, and one of the few modern ones I get on with. The story’s good (which I find a rare trait in modern puzzle games), although I’ve realised that list kind of spoils stuff…

:confused: I think that might’ve auto-numbered. Either that or I’ve forgotten a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Yeah that´s supposed to be 3 of course! I don´t think Robotnik was a female nazi at any point.

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