[Community Game] Doors in adventure games

Since @LowLevel is an expert in this game, I made my attempt to emulate him, and to give him a chance to partecipate.

Try to guess which adventure games the following doors belong to.
EDIT: the adventure games are famous, they have been mentioned at last once here in the forum. At last.

Rules: write me a private message with your solution (only the first post is valid)

Prize: the GLORY

Here we are:












I’ll give you a hint: if you don’t recognize the #9, you’ll make cry me and @David .

I´ll admit I browsed through the first 8 and was about to tell you how dissapointed I was in you until I saw number 9 and was relieved! :smile:

Believe me: they should be familiar adventure games, at last half of them, are very familiar. Some have been mentioned here and there in this forum.

I think I recognize 3 of them. Number 3 might even be a little too easy.

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Tomorrow I will post all the pictures (entire pictures, not cropped) with the solution.

How many submissions do you have so far? Remember there is not much going on here at the time, so maybe wait a little longer.

At least one submission from me. :wink:

No, no, no: If no one else has submitted a solution, I will get all the glory! All! The! Glory! Ahahahaha! Ahem. What was the current topic?

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Three submissions so far.
Well, maybe you are right, I will wait more.
Saturday / Sunday.

I’m the third one.

Who´s on first?

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Do you mean the first submitter or the glorious winner?

That´s right!

I’m afraid that I got only the easy ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to @ZakPhoenixMcKracken for creating the game and giving to me the opportunity to participate. :slight_smile:

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We currently have 4 people out of 5 with the same number of correct answers, which is SIX.

I won’t reveal yet who was the quickiest… wait until tomorrow.

I’m glad that ALL of you have not made cry me nor David Fox. :grin:

Glad to know that I’m the fifth guy.

I can’t wait to discover from which game comes one of the images that I didn’t guess. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen that graphic style but I can’t really remember what game it is. :neutral_face:

On the AdventureGamers forums they periodically organize a similar game, but they contain dozens of small images and some super-good people are able to recognize like 35-40 over 50 of them, which to me is nothing short of prodigious.

I really don’t know how they manage to do that. Maybe they have an exceptional visual memory or maybe they continuously refresh their memory re-playing regularly old adventure games.

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My wife is always upset with me because I forget the important stuff but I can remember almost every detail of every football (:soccer:) match I watched.

I suppose there are people whose memory indexing is genetically optimized for random stuff :stuck_out_tongue: for me it’s football, for other people it might be adventure game doors :smiley:

You should write an autobiographic book about this experience and put it into an adventure game library.


Did I just disclose that that book was based on a true story? *beep*.