The sidekick game: which adventure games do you recognize? [GAME OVER]

Here is a new game for you.

I show you ten images of sidekicks in adventure games and you tell me the NAME of the GAME (or series) each sidekick comes from. :slight_smile:


  1. Send to me a SINGLE :arrow_forward: PRIVATE :arrow_backward: message containing all your answers. Multiple messages will be ignored, only the first one counts.

  2. Whoever guesses the highest quantity of games, wins.

  3. In case of a draw, whoever was quicker to send me the answers wins.

You have 48 hours to send me your answers.


The winner will get a copy of the PnC adventure game “Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse”.

You might need a Humble Bundle account in order to get the prize. I find it unlikely, but I’m not sure because I have never used the “gift” option of Humble Bundle.

Please, DON’T write your answers in this thread nor write comments that could help other people.

Click HERE to reveal the ten images and good luck!

Sidekick 1:


Sidekick 2:


Sidekick 3:

Sidekick 4:


Sidekick 5:


Sidekick 6:


Sidekick 7:


Sidekick 8:


Sidekick 9:


Sidekick 10:



I recognised none of those!

Is there a prize for biggest uncultured plebe? I was hoping for something like a funny hat, or donkey ears or something… :wink:

(If the prize happens to be a public beating, then I hereby formally withdraw from the contest :stuck_out_tongue: )

Wow! The number 8 is an adventure game? It has a wonderful graphic :yum:

She’s my favourite sidekick for a point and click adventure game:

I recognized none of them too. Maybe I could ask her, you know among sidekicks they know each other… If only I had her telephone number eheheh

Zero is a perfectly acceptable score. You could even win, if 1) nobody guesses a single title and 2) you follow the rules. :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm… I’ll try a title for number 6. I never played that game, but it’s familiar… Message sent!

To be honest, I have some theories, and accidentally stumbled over one of the sidekicks while looking up some facts about a particular game (not that I needed the hint for that one since it was pretty obvious).

But I’d rather get some donkey ears and quietly go sit in a corner. Reminds me fondly of my childhood. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to throw around the mad gaming skillz that served me so well in the last contest and try to tie Gffp with a whopping ONE guess!

Alright, you guys convinced me. I’m sending in my guesses as well. Want to see how wrong I am (and have an “official” record of it).

I think I only recognized one so I guess sending a mail would be a waste…

If I were you, I would try.

Can I ask you to remove the hint from your post?

No really, I think that´s the only one.

Zero for me too.
And I’m looking forward to discover the origin of image #8, too.

I recognize only #8, because it’s a game inspired by one of my favourites. But i’m lost on the other 9.

Can I ask you to remove the answer from your post? :slight_smile:

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I´ve been able to tell one only, maybe because it´s german? I thought read someone mention it here before. I however only have played the second game and also not to the end.

Is that still too much of a hint?

Less than ten hours remain before the game ends.

I think that anyone who hasn’t already submitted his/her answers has a chance to get the prize. :slight_smile:

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I sure know game and name one and know the games from other two but I don’t know their names :stuck_out_tongue:

You only need to name the game, not the character. Worth a shot, no?

I only recognize two of them :slight_smile:

The game is over, thanks to those who have participated. :slight_smile:

This game was quite different from the previous one (the “quote game”) for reasons that I’ll explain in another post.

Let’s have a look at the answers, first.

The answers

(I remember you that you had to guess the games, not the name of the sidekicks)


Froderick the bat” from “A Vampyre Story”. The name of the character is of course a reference to “Young Frankenstein”. The background graphics of this game were drawn by Bill Tiller, the artist who drew the backgrounds of “Curse of Monkey Island”.


“Spot” from “The Whispered World”.


“Oscar” from the “Syberia” series. I was quite surprised to see that nobody guessed this character, because it’s probably one of the most loved sidekicks in adventure games. When Oscar fullfills its destiny in “Syberia 2”, it’s probably one of the most poetic and mysterious moments in adventure game storytelling.


“Ben the bear” from “Anna’s Quest”.


“Gavin” from “The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle”. Funny short game, you should try it.


“Luther” from “Freddi Fish”.


“Harvey” from “Edna & Harvey”.


“Sparrowson” from “Aviary Attorney”, which is a parody of “Ace Attorney” that uses the beautiful original art of J. J. Grandville.


“Joey Mallone” from the “Blackwell” series. The story of this series has been acclaimed by many players and reviewers, the games also received a few Aggie Awards. Joey and Rosangela (the other protagonist) have become one of the most famous “strange couples” in recent adventure game history.


“Ted E. Bear” from “Bear with me”. This was the only recent game of the list, so I wasn’t expecting it to be guessed by many players.

And the winner is…

Click HERE to reveal the winner!

Festarossa ! :trophy:

Congratulations to @Festarossa for his very good score: 7/10!
He was also the only player who provided a substantial quantity of correct answers.

Festarossa wins the game but he doesn’t get the prize because he told me that he already owns “Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse” and he asked me to give the prize to the person who came second.

So the prize goes to @Ignacio ! :gift:

I’ll write him a private message containing the link to download the game. I also want to thank Festarossa for his kind gesture. :slight_smile:

A suggestion to all those people who didn’t participate just because “I only recognized X”: sometimes X can be enough, so the next time just f’ng TRY! :smiley:

I hope that you enjoyed the game. Let me know if you would like to see another similar contest in the following days.