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Big Posters of old games

Hello guys, some years ago there was a guy who made huge (80x60 cm) posters of many of Lucas Arts games covers as well as some other games like simon the sorcerer, goblins, etc. and shared the files so everyone could print them and decorate their homes with but the guy moved on and never made more for many of the games worth displaying.

Since I saw the cover for Kyrandia 3 (the European version) I wanted it as a poster as well since I thought the art was really cool, so I went in and looked for images of the box over the net and was able to make it into a full 80x60 size poster. What I did was basically denoise the image and upscale it with AI then paint a huge deal of it again since the source files where not good enough XD (you can see the original cover and the new paint I did in the preview bellow).

I also thought about the Tales of Monkey Island poster Purcell made, and did the same thing, I looked for the best sources I could find on the internet, mix them up, upscaled them with AI and then painted the hell out of it until I got a refined or re-illustrated poster size image.

And I wanted to share them with you, I hope you like these. I’m also working on all three Alone in the Dark covers, if anyone would like to see those let me know.

You can download them here:
Kyrandia 3


And here is a preview of what I’m talking about :slight_smile:


Awesome! Did you basically have to re-paint the upscaled images completely because then end result looks so great?

Great job! Thanks for sharing this. Would love to see more if you don’t mind sharing.

Haha, yeah I had to repaint quite a lot, for the ToMI one I used several images, the biggest I found on google which weren’t good enough, denoised them and then scaled them up to be the poster size, at that point I started batching the parts that looked better from each of the images and was kind of happy with the result, but then I came in a little closer and they looked nasty to me so I had to paint most of the characters, refine lines, paint the parts that had too much upscaled noise and remove the double line created by the upscale so it was a lot of work.

On the Kyrandia 3 I only found one image to work with but the denoise made it look really good (I was surprised by the result) upscaled it then I removed the logos, stickers and frame but then I had to use one of the very low quality images to have an idea of the shapes needed to cover the holes or missing parts, and then I painted a huge deal and cleaned up the really nasty parts left by the upscale process the best I could.


The results are very impressive! :smiley:

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Thank you!.

I want to do posters from the covers of games that have impressive or cool art on them, so I will be uploading all three Alone in the Dark images for sure since I already have 90% done on two of them though I’m debating if I should remove the title on the first one as I did with the other two or if I should leave the titles in place on all three, but haven’t decided it yet.

But I also have a few tentative ones that could look cool too like the one from Waxworks, Earthworm Jim 2 (this one will be very difficult to do), Alice Madness Returns, I also found one good source for Amazon guardians of Eden, there are also three cool looking covers for Dragon’s Lair and also one for Theme Park that could be cool if I find good sources to work with, and maybe Eye of the Beholder 2 and 3 since I stumbled upon the original images with good enough quality that can be upscaled easier but without the titles they look like generic straight up D&D art and not something made for those games (yes I know Eye of the Beholder is from D&D) and the game covers had not so great designs so I’m at odds with those two.


Hey guys, I just finished working on the poster for Alone in the Dark, I removed the title, logo and text and painted many parts including refining a lot from the character.

hope you like it

You can download the file here, it is 80x60cm at 250dpi.


Hoping you’ll do Monkey Island 2 :star_struck: I don’t hang posters at home but I’d make an exception for that


A few years ago someone worked on those, basically he turned all lucas arts game covers into printable posters, but he kind of stopped soon after and didn’t make more (that is why I wanted to make these).

You can find them here:

and here on google drive.


Great, thank you!

Hello guys.

I worked on the Alone in the Dark 2 poster image, I cleaned it a lot but I feel the ship could do with better sources since many of the details got lost, I painted quite a bit of it but I don’t think it was enough and I didn’t want to spend forever repainting the whole thing.
I also recreated most of the background from several sources and managed to make it look fairly good enough overall but mind you, this is far from perfect but it should look really nice printed at 80x60cm since It is 250dpi (so that is over twice the size).

Here is the file:


I guess that’s why Laserschwert made different posters of all combinations -with or without titles and logos


Hey guys

Here is the Alone in the Dark 3 poster, I also remade the title so I made a secondary version with them, here they are :slight_smile:

Alone in the Dark 3 -No title

Alone in the Dark 3 - With title:

Alone in the Dark 1 - With title:

Alone in the Dark 2 - With title:



The Alone in the Dark posters are great!
I never owned the boxes but was introduced to the series by a German magazine called Bestseller Games.

I'm happy to see that the posters(/boxes) resemble the art from the magazine covers I know!

Bestseller Games #13 - Alone in the Dark 2 Bestseller Games #15 - Alone in the Dark 3


Because they simply copied the box onto their cover. It doesn’t even look as redrawn cover.


OK, that last one isn’t a magazine cover, but it is so good I want a poster of it. (Apparently it is a draft by Steve Purcell)


Although the end result is super high quality, it feels a bit too clean to my liking. As if all the dust from the wild west is gone, no water on any jackets (or barnacles on ship hulls), no cracks or moss on old mansions. Not saying they were in the originals, but the poorer resolution gave room to imagine those details.
In contrast, the cleaned up posters risk to feel sterile.
Perhaps it is better when printed small enough.
In contrast:,0.000&r=0.1234,0.4129,0.0039,0.0057&i=Rijksmuseum/SK-C-5/SK-C-5_VIS_20-um_2019-12-21
Zoom out… (and in)

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You can’t just give the link to the painting without the background info dude! :stuck_out_tongue: (Dutch:

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A bit picky are we?, thank goodness I’m giving it for free :stuck_out_tongue:.

The original work might have more details or maybe even show some of the textures from the tools, surface and techniques used but most of the original images and textures that where on prints are there, unfortunately I don’t have access to the original art and I don’t even have the multi million dollar tools used on the painting at the museum either so my only option was to use whatever was on the internet and try to upscale and mix the images the best I could while trying to minimize detail loss.

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