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Okay I figure we need a topic to discuss how to promote RMI and share fan-art. To get started here’s the link to the official logo in full quality:

I’ve created a couple of variants - darker banner for light backgrounds:

No banner, just the logo:

Download the project file for the logo here.

I’vs also successfully cloned Ron’s launch/announcement site! I will set it up on a subdomain on and then provide a downloadable version for anyone that wants to archive their own copy. There’s a few bugs I need to fix - e.g. I’m going to put the video directly into it with HTML5, and of course being a clone/archive I need to create some links to explain that. You may notice the clone/archive is actually higher quality than the original - that’s because I downloaded all the original PNGs and have optimised & quantised them all, whereas Ron’s site is transcoding them all to WebP (look at the gradient in the sky background for example, I don’t think it looks pleasant personally). Once I set it up on a subtomain you are welcome embed it with <iframe> as well, and in fact it would better to embed the cloned archive as Ron’s website will be changed the moment they’re ready to announce anything!

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Nice thing the cross-shaped cursor!

Oh I added that only because the official site links to a cursor file but it’s 404. I made the crosshair cursor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the link if you want to use it:

cursor: url( 31 31, crosshair;

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