Book about SCUMM

Anyone interested in a book about SCUMM and Lucasarts adventures?

I have the feeling someone could be interested in writing one…

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I think that I would be interested in the book about the Wolfenstein 3D engine, not because I care about that kind of games as a player but because the first 3D (and pseudo-3D) game engines used a lot of ingenious algorithms and fancy math to achieve faster performances.

I assume that the engine for a 2D adventure game would also be full of optimization tricks but not of the same kind that I’m interested in.

In the mid-90s at least in Germany there were many books about programming these 3D games. Some of them were written by some people from the demoscene, if I remember correctly. i So I assume that there were (more) books in English too. If you are interested in, you should have a look at eBay or similar sites or second-hand bookstores (or the boxes on my attic :wink: ).

But indeed: It would be interesting to read which algorithms id Software used. :slight_smile:
/edit: Whoops, there is a book about the 3D engine? Has someone a link?

There is a good chance that I already know the most important algorithms that were created by Karmack, but that book is also a good introduction to some characteristics of the x86 architecture that I’m not familiar with (I was an Amiga user back then). Here it is:

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Yes this would be really great :slight_smile:
Maybe with a lot of technical background like architecture of the engine/games, programming hacks, …