What game engine?

What game engine do you use and is it free to use?

Here are a couple of links to get started:

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TWP uses a custom engine I wrote. It’s not publicly available. It might one day, but there is too much engine code that is game dependent, plus lots of Xbox/PS4/Switch NDA code what would have to be stripped out first. I looked at the work that would be needed, started crying and went to bed.

The first version of SCUMM was the same way. Maniac Mansion specific code weaved it’s way through the whole engine. When David started Zak, I went in and stripped it all out and made it more game agnostic. When SCUMM was ported to the PC (from the C64) all the Maniac Mansion code was stripped out and the original scripts changed to be more generic.

Anyone who has worked with in-house game tools will know what a mess they are until the 2nd or 3rd generation. The TWP engine is no different.


:joy: Thanks for the laugh @RonGilbert.
I needed that.


Then it’s obvious what to do next. Make more games and improve your engine to the 2nd and 3rd generation.