ScummVM support for TWP

This isn’t something I was expecting to see, or at least not while the game is still pretty much completely current.


I’ve had just a quick glimpse at the code but it seems that they had re-implemented the engine. If that’s true, it would be very interesting to see where and how the code differs from Ron’s engine. :wink:


Linky link 'cause you left me hanging bro. :wink:

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They always do. That is what scummVM is versus DREAMM or DOSBox
(Listen to the conversations with Aaron Giles and Eugene Sandulenko by @danielalbu over on YouTube or via the links he posted here some time)

The biggest advantage is you could play TWP on a device it never was released for (once those builds are updated - which may never happen seeing the explosion of work by adding more engines). And in the long run, it increases the game’s preservation, even on PC.

I’m afraid the ScummVM build becomes more and more bulky and bloated. While on the other hand Labyrinth (without which SCUMM wouldn’t have been made in the first place) is still not supported. Apparently you can even try out the speccy or Amstrad versions of Total Eclipse. (Again no C64… that’s the game I was playing until Zak was released. Never looked back after that)


Wasn’t the AGS one based on AGS or am I misremembering? Which is to say, perhaps not everything is fully reverse engineered. :slight_smile:

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ScummVM supporting it only increase the value of the game really.

While this is true for SCUMM and most other engines, there are some engines where the ScummVM team has permission to use the original code.