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C64 Question in the futuristic year of 2017

Now that we are living in the futuristic year of 2017, has anyone invented a machine that will turn C64 BASIC programs into browser-compatible applications?

Now that the robots allow us to enjoy lives of leisure, son-a-reno and I like to code in the secret office using a C64 Vice emulator. It would be great to share one with other people of the future.

Depends on what you are trying to do. :slight_smile:

For example there is a BASIC V2 interpreter/compiler written in Java:

And there are emulators running in/with Java:

and with/in JavaScript, for example C64JS:

or JSC64:

or the VICE port:

So you can provide your program in a JavaScript emulator on your website.

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Those emulators is probably what you want.

The BASIC alone wouldn’t do you much, since it is very basic indeed. To make use of the C64 hardware, you have to POKE a lot, which is in part what makes BASIC so slow on the C64. The other major slowdown is the annoying property, that everything is calculated in floating point format.
The vast majority of software on the C64 is written in Assembler to avoid those BASIC annoyances.

Indeed. But you can learn to program with some simple algorithms.

That’s true, but there are some impressive BASIC games out there. :slight_smile:

It would be pointless to run C64 BASIC in a web browser unless it ran Graphics BASIC.


Do you know (commercial) software that used Graphics BASIC?

For example Simon’s BASIC was used by different educational software products (we had a physics software at school that was written in Simon’s BASIC).

Hey guys, I’ve got some nice reading for you for during the holidays:
Graphics BASIC Manual

Computers are getting more powerful every day so now you can even run advanced systems like the C64 emulated in your browser (tubeless versions supported only).
I have found an example here: (it even contains Impossible Mission)

Thanks to the Internet Archive which put a lot of effort into porting MAME/MESS to JS you can now run all sorts of old systems directly in your browser!
Emularity even includes a port of DOSBox making it possible to cover a lot of old software and games out there:

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